3 Tips to Dealing With an Insurance Adjuster

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Many have been blindsided by insurance companies, seeing that it is mandatory to insure your prized possessions. Logically, you get insurance covers so that in case of misfortune, you can minimize the loss that you incur. Albeit,  insurance companies are in business, sometimes they rely on your misfortune to increase their profit margins. When your house catches fire, or you get involved in a car accident, these companies use much wit to minimize the compensation you get as much as possible which they achieve by deploying insurance adjusters. A few insights to dealing with an insurance adjuster and ensure you get your fair share of compensation include:

1.    Preserve the evidence diligently

When you find yourself in a situation where you need your insurance company to come through for you, be very strict with the evidence that backs your claim. Suppose you have made a claim over damages incurred during a car accident, for instance. As soon as you can, take photographs of these damages. It is much better if the photographs can be taken during the scene of the accident. Consequently, keep this priceless evidence safely. If you have witnesses, who can corroborate your story, the better. Have their names and personal information safely documented. Having foolproof evidence will prevent the insurance adjuster from fashioning the facts of the case to harm your claims.

2.    Choose your words carefully

Should you get to the point of making an insurance claim, be sure to remember that insurance adjusters are not on your side. They are hired by insurance companies and will do everything to benefit their bosses. As such, no one can exhaustively talk about how to deal with an insurance adjuster without telling you to be extra-cautious of your words as you speak to an insurance adjuster. This is especially necessary when you receive a call, over which these cunning professionals will pretend to be seeking clarifications or establishing the facts. Although they will contact you and present noble intentions, their supreme intention is getting a way to pin you down with your words. If you are unsure of something, say so. When asked a question, answer it precisely. This will protect you from having your own words used against you.

3.    Hire an accident attorney

Insurance adjusters are trained and qualified negotiators. In comparison to them, you are an easy mark, as they will easily exploit your emotions and weaknesses. It is only fair to have someone with the same qualities as them to help you in your dealings. This is where an accident attorney comes in handy. Accident attorneys, just like insurance adjusters, are skilled with vast negotiation skills. Your attorney will counter any tricks the insurance adjustor may bring to play, forcing the later to consider the real circumstances and in consequence deal with you justly. This way, you will get reasonable compensation for the claim you make. Next time you make an insurance claim, have the evidence safely preserved, then ensure you hire an attorney before you speak to the insurance adjuster.