5 Reasons to Finance a New Roof in 2019

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Replacing your existing roof with a new one can have a lot of impact on your home in terms of aesthetic appeal, function, and safety. As a matter of fact, a new roof can increase the resale value of your home enormously. But why would you want to invest in a new roof for your home or commercial property this year exactly? Below are some 5 reasons to finance a new roof in 2019.

Your Home Needs Remodeling

The fact that you’re doing a major remodeling project for your home is reason enough to finance for a new roof. You may need to add a skylight or some dormers. With such changes, the roofline is bound to undergo some structural changes that may eat up into your finances. If compatibility allows you, you may also consider installing a new roof over an old one. Having a major remodeling project can prompt you to invest in a new roof, especially if you’re giving your home a complete uplift.

You Need To Replace Your Worn-Out Roof

Due to the roof being constantly exposed to the elements, it can wear out faster than the other parts of the house. Some of the major environmental factors that contribute to increased wear and tear of the roof include ice damming, humidity, heat from the sun, and the growth of molds, just to name a few. When your roof has a low slope, it can also speed up the wearing process. This is because a low-sloped roof makes it easy for dirt and debris to accumulate, which can be deleterious to your roof. Especially if it has already seen better days and repairs aren’t working, investing in a new roof can be a better idea.

Fixing Storm Damages

This year alone, it’s predicted that we will be expecting a near-normal hurricane season. This means that we’ll expect 10-16 named storms that include almost eight hurricanes according to weather departments. Winds of such caliber reach speeds of up to 74 mph. This can cause the roof shingles to be blown from off the roof, creating open spaces and the need to re-roof. Other factors may include broken tree branches that fall on the roof, damaging its structure. And let’s be honest, most damages from storms and other weather-induced calamities necessitate investing in a new roof, which isn’t always something any homeowner budgets for in advance.

To Improve on Aesthetics

Ever got bored of looking at the same color every time you gaze on your roof? Well, it happens. When in need of giving your roof a cosmetic facelift, you can either repaint the existing roof or completely re-roof. Shingled roofs become discolored over time and by laying down a new roof, it will not only give it a facelift, it will also make your roof stronger and safer. It will give your roof a new lease of life as it improves its curb appeal.

To Increase the House Value

A new roof can really make the old house look new. A new roof can increase your home’s value by a big margin. It makes a home more appealing to a prospective buyer, let alone the realtor. This is one of the reasons most homeowners give their homes a complete facelift just before selling. On the flipside though, it can be a costly process that requires financial assistance, especially if unbudgeted for.

Nothing can be more annoying than having a leaking roof. It can lead to huge property losses, not forgetting the safety hazard it poses to the dwellers. But in sometimes you may find that your roof is beyond repair and requires an entire replacement. Considering that roofing can be an expensive affair, you may need to approach a new roof financing company to fund the project. After all, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.