5 Tips to caring for your lawn in dry temperatures

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The long-awaited summer is finally upon us. This is a great time for individuals to visit the beach and hang around the yard with their loved ones. However, these dry weather conditions are unfavorable for a flourishing lawn – trees and flowers wilt and the turf becomes distastefully colorless. There are a variety of tricks you can employ to keep your lawn looking healthy and green during this intense heat.

Here are 5 tips to caring for your lawn in dry temperatures

Water your lawn frequently

The elongated summer heat can cause your lawn to look despicable: the grass turns brown and your beautiful flowers start to wither. In addition, weeds may crop up and spread throughout the yard. Rather than remaining impassive, watering your lawn at least four times a week is recommended. Flowers and water shrubs should be watered every day, preferably in the wee hours of daybreak (between 6am and 8am). When you water your lawn, ensure you water an inch deep. This will keep your turf looking supple and healthy.

Apply mulch

Mulch injects life into the flora that exists in your lawn. It essentially helps to retain ground moisture by slowing down the evaporation caused by intense heat conditions. Mulch also contains an abundance of natural manure that is gradually released to the soil underneath as it rots. This ensures that the flowers, trees and turf in your lawn remain evergreen. In addition, mulch regulates soil temperature and helps maintain an ideal environment for your crops to flourish.

Get unique lawn care services

If you’d rather have professional lawn experts handle this issue for you, there are numerous lawn care companies worldwide that would be willing to help. It’s frustrating to watch your once supple lawn turn brown due to dry weather conditions. Caring for your lawn during the summer is paramount if you desire to host barbecues, parties and picnics with your loved ones. Check out this distinguished lawn care Dayton Ohio Company that offers a variety of exquisite lawn services for families across the U.S.

Avoid mowing your lawn

When it’s unbearably hot, your lawn experiences drought stress. This reduces its ability to rejuvenate and makes it more susceptible to weed infestation. Mowing your lawn during dry temperatures could inexorably damage the turf. It’s advisable to mow the lawn once it has rained or after irrigation. However, avoid mowing the turf immediately after it has been watered – it could cause the grass to clump.

Avoid cultivating or fertilizing your lawn

You’d probably do anything possible to revive your lawn during the summer. However, there’s a line you shouldn’t cross. Dry temperatures accelerates the uptake of water and minerals from the soil. Applying fertilizer to your lawn stimulates uncontrolled growth of your turf. Consequently, consumption of crucial resources increases, stressing your lawn even further. A similar scenario occurs when you cultivate the lawn in dry summer conditions. To avoid ruining it, cultivate and fertilize your lawn during spring or fall.

These few lawn caring tips will keep your turf spruced up during the dry temperatures.