5 Tips To Packing Your Home For A Move

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Moving to a new home means you’ve got to pack and haul all of your things from your previous place. And depending on the location, the quantity of items, and so on, packing can be a dreadful activity to a lot. But not when you hire experts from fox relocations. If you can put it into your budget, hiring people to do the dirty work for you is actually more practical. But we’ll get into that. Here are 5 tips to packing your home for a move that you’ll definitely learn from:

1. Plan ahead of time

Moving out is hardly going to work spontaneously. Start early and plan out your entire moving schedule. Assess the scope of work needed to be done and decide whether you need to hire professionals or not. It’s advisable to start packing two to three weeks before your desired move in date. To begin, you can start packing the things you don’t use often, those you use the least. This includes some chinaware you use only on special occasions, books, and clothes you’re not using right now.

2. Declutter

Moving to a new place gives you the perfect opportunity to declutter your house. This sounds like a tedious and dirty job, that’s true, but it’s all worth it. You get to dispose of things you don’t need in your new home, and you also get to discover unwanted items you may profit from by selling them. Decluttering successfully needs an efficient system. For starters, you can declutter by room and audit each items inside. Mark those that needs to be thrown away, those that you can donate or sell, and those that you intend to keep. Make sure to keep only those that you need.

3. Save on packing material

You don’t have to buy brand new cardboard boxes for packing just to make everything look neat. If you have used ones, go ahead and reuse them. If your community has a nearby Take a Box Leave a Box facility, you’re in luck. Just go pick up some boxes from the nearest U-Haul and use them for free. And of course, don’t forget to return the favor. When you’re done using them, don’t throw them away especially if they can still be used.

4. Label properly

Labelling is key to any successful move-in. Ideally you want your items segregated by room. Group all your kitchen things and put them in identically labelled boxes. Same goes for bedroom stuff, living room items, bathroom things, and more. Make sure to write on two sides of the box so it’s easier to spot which box goes where and you wouldn’t have to turn them over when they’re stacked and loaded. Now if you have fragile items, don’t forget to label them properly too. If you have fragile tape with you, that’s cool. Otherwise, just a clear label “FRAGILE” would do. This would help you and your movers identify boxes and items that require careful handling.

5. Keep some essential stuff with you

The packing process definitely takes some time. It’s not usually something you complete within the day. Which is why it’s important to pack some essential stuff with you that’s not to be moved immediately. These include change of clothes for the coming days while your house is being emptied, toiletries, and accessories you use daily. Keep in mind that packing your home is a delicate activity, and everything must be packed, labelled and moved with care.