5 Unexpected Items That Could Cause Home Fires

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Most people are aware of general fire safety rules like make sure to extinguish all candles before falling asleep or turn off the stove when you are done using it. However, some homeowners may not be aware of some other possible fire threats to their homes. The following items may seem innocuous, but in certain situations, they can start deadly house fires, so proper precautions should be taken at all times.

Glass Jars and Other Items Made of Glass

While a glass jar may not seem dangerous unless it breaks and shards cut into skin, it actually can be a fire risk in its basic form. Some glass jars, when placed in direct sunlight, can refract light similar to the way a magnifying glass can to ignite a spark. If that spark is ignited on something flammable like a curtain or dish rag, then it could be a few mere moments before the entire home is up in flames. It is important for homeowners to store their glassware away from windows that receive excessive sunlight to avoid this problem.


Like glass jars, batteries do not really pose much of threat on their own, but they can start a fire in certain situations. If 9-volt batteries are not stored or disposed of properly, they may come into contact with metal that can cause them to ignite a spark that could turn deadly quite quickly. Make sure that batteries are always disposed of and stored separately from other items to limit the possibility of them coming into contact with metal.


While it is pretty obvious that heating appliances like toasters and ovens can cause fires if they are not cleaned and maintained properly or if they are left on too long, many people fail to realize that dishwashers can also cause severe issues. If a dishwasher has a leakage issue and water drains into the electrical or heating components of the appliance, then it could spark a fire. It is important that all appliances, including the ones that may not seem like a direct threat, are always properly maintained to avoid the risk of fires.

Excess Sawdust

Sawdust may look harmless enough, but it is a material that can collect rather quickly even if you are only working on a small project. Large amounts of sawdust are highly combustible and can start a fire with even the smallest spark. Make sure that any sawdust that is accumulated is vacuumed and/or swept up regularly to avoid this potential issue.

Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover serves many useful purposes, but unfortunately, its main ingredient is acetone, which is highly flammable. If nail polish remover is used near an open flame or heat source, then there is a very high chance that it could ignite a flame. It is important that whenever a homeowner is using nail polish remover that they make sure to only use it in secure areas where there are no flames or items that could create a spark.

Fires are incredibly dangerous, which is why it is imperative to do whatever you can to make sure that they do not occur. Paying attention to these little-known fire starters can keep you and your family that much safer in your daily lives at home.

If you unfortunately ever have to deal with the horrific effects of a fire, then it is important for you to know that you are never alone. Whether it’s restoration in Texas or anywhere else, there are plenty of businesses and organizations whose main mission is to help you get back on your feet after experiencing a traumatic event like a fire. Fires can be devastating but they do not have to signal an impending apocalypse. Follow all the tips and tricks you can to prevent them and then if you do experience one be sure to call an experienced professional to help with the aftermath as quickly as possible.