6 Awesome Plants to Brighten Shaded Gardens

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We heard a discussion about what kind of plants can illuminate the darkest gardens. Not just that, but to give brightness, life to those spaces that lack a good entry of light.

As many will know, or not, in general, the hosta plants would be the most suitable for this type of environment, but today we will show you other perennial plants that fulfill this function to the fullest.

Do not give up, do not plant something that does not serve you or simply requires a lot of care. If you have a shaded area, you can still take advantage of that space to make it look very different. Below we will show you a list of amazing perennial plants tolerant to the shade and very easy to care for. You will undoubtedly find some that will make you want to plant right now.

Surely, you like the grass to look like a football fied or a garden that looks like the most impressive gardens in the world. However, if you don’t count on space or resources that certain plants need, there are many alternatives. Here are some of them:

1.    Primula (Primrose)

Many believe that these beautiful plants are difficult to grow, but that’s not true. It’s super easy! The only thing you should keep in mind before planting a Primula is that space has the necessary shade and moist soil. There are about 425 species of primulas. They exist in sizes that vary from the smallest of approximately 3 inches to the giants of 4 feet high. In turn, they come in a wide variety of colors such as violet, pink, white or deep red, among others.

2.    Pulmonaria (Lungwort)

The beautiful silver foliage of this plant is impressive. Its leaves are typically narrow and long, they can be splashed or stained with silver or completely silver. The color of the flowers varies from pink, blue or white, mixed with the other colors that usually appear on this plant. Its flowers are quite colorful and bloom in the springtime. Another good option to add to the plants in your garden.

3.    Heuchera (Coral Bells)

The foliage that this plant provides generates a lot of visual emotion. There are a few varieties; some of them have thin and tall stems ending in beautiful flowers quite striking and colorful. No one who sees this plant closely stays silent! In addition, there seems to be no end to the variety of colors of its leaves that can have quite daring combinations such as oxidized orange and salmon, silver with violet edges, burgundy, chartreuse, black-purple, among others. A beautiful plant will speak in your garden.

4.    Digitalis (Foxglove)

These particularly beautiful plants are biennial, this means that during the first year, they consume their energies by growing their foliage, in the second year they bloom loudly and when they complete this cycle, they die. This may sound terrible or scare you, it really isn’t, since, when they finish this period, they are planted again, solving and making things easier for you to have flowers every year. Without a doubt, the Digitalis Grandiflora is the easiest and most reliable plant in the group. You will be surprised at the number of flowers it gives, with violet, white and pink colors.

5.    Astilbe

There are many varieties of this unique plant. As a base, it has striking foliage that can be of different colors such as, pale green, blue-green, wine red, dark green or bronze color. At the same time, it has its own and colorful flowers. When choosing this plant, keep in mind that, if you choose a species with a variety of colors in its foliage, depending on the height and flowering times, they can bring an interesting look of textures and colors throughout the season.

6.    Hakonechloa macra Honda (Japanese forest grass or Hakone grass)

This herbaceous plant native to Japan belongs to the family of the Poaceae. Unlike other types of “pastures“, this adapts, grows and looks better in places with partial shade. The thin and elongated leaves form groups and have a waterfall-shaped fall. Depending on the species, they can be mottled, lime green or golden green. In the fall season, some turn orange, purple or red. In general, they grow between 12 to 15 inches.


If the lack of light in your garden is a problem, do not worry, there is always a solution for everything and more when we talk about plants, with which you can spend hours and hours taking care of and cultivating their beautiful foliage.

Making a garden look like a real garden is an art. Many times, we have to learn about fertilizers, types of soil, including being careful with the type of water we feed our plants. You have to do your research. Just like you go online to BestAppBet and check for the best gambling apps reviews, you should also get into the web and look into the best plants that fit with your space.

In this case, the wise nature made plants like these adapt to the circumstances in order to survive and not lose their beauty. Which of these plants do you dare to plant?