5 benefits of choosing the electric fireplace over the traditional one

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Having a fireplace is a great way to add some extra cosiness to the interior design. In recent years, electric fireplaces were gaining increasing popularity as an alternative to the traditional ones. What are their main advantages, and when should you invest in them?

Dancing flames guarantee a cosy atmosphere – no wonder that a fireplace is considered a must in many houses. However, the installation of traditional variants requires a lot of work and some logistics. Can electric fireplaces be a substitute for them? We’d risk saying that they provide you with a similar experience without all the disadvantages tied to burning wood. It’s definitely not just an ersatz!

Let’s take a closer look at the way the electric fireplaces work to understand how you can benefit from installing one.

What is an electric fireplace?

At first glance, the electric fireplace doesn’t differ from the traditional one – but looking closer, you may notice that it doesn’t have a vent, and it’s not connected with the chimney. Instead of burning wood, you need just the electricity to achieve the beautiful effect of the flames. They are projected on the glass panel. Obviously, it’s not only about the image – the electric fireplace, just as the traditional one, emits heat. It serves perfectly for decoration purposes but can also work as an additional heater.

The advantages of the electric fireplace

Choosing an electric fireplace is a perfect opportunity to add some cosiness to the living room at an affordable cost. Among the main perks of this solution, there is:

  • flexibility – there is no need to connect the fireplace to the chimney, so you can choose any preferred place to install the fireplace;
  • easy installation – due to the simplicity of this solution, you can install it without the support of the professional team;
  • eco-friendliness – wood burning can cause a release of particulate matter into the air and elevate the emissions of CO2 in your household. The electric fireplace can be fuelled with your off-grid installation.
  • no maintenance – the traditional fireplaces require regular cleaning of the vents and other works, while the electric ones don’t.
  • ability to control the level of heat – unlike the traditional variants, electric fireplaces enable you to control the emitted heat very precisely. In some cases, you can use a remote control to do it comfortably from any place of the room.

When choosing an electric solution, make sure to find a reliable electric fireplace manufacturer that provides you with the best quality design and materials.