How To Select The Best Air Compressor For Home Use: An Analysis By Hardware Experts

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  • Are you trying to set up your home tool kit set and are looking for a great multipurpose equipment to start?
  • Do you know about necessary equipment, which should be a part of your home tools and can help you in various activities around the house?
  • Are you aware that there is a difference between the same equipment in a factory setting and in a home setting use?
  • Have you gone down the local hardware store and are feeling confused about what kind of tools and equipment you should have?

Air Compressors are one of the most trusted and sought after pieces of equipment in the world. From huge mechanical factories to your humble tool shed, air compressors have found presence in almost all our lives. They are extremely useful, very practical and can help us carry out both big and small activities and works.

In this article, we will discuss about the importance of Air Compressors in our daily lives. We will also talk about what factors you should look at before taking a buying decision.

History and Invention of the Modern Air Compressor

In order to understand what air compressors are, it is best to dive a little deeper into why they were invented in the first place. As most of you would be aware, in the past era, big machines in heavy mechanical settings used to operate via a belt and pulley system. These systems also had massive wheels to turn them around.

As you can expect, all the parts were huge and cumbersome and required a lot of labour and maintenance. The Industrial Revolution can be credited for laying the foundations of the modern air compressor, as we know it today. A scientist by the name of George Medhurst, created the first ever air compressor in 1799-1800.

After the air compressor came into being, factory work became much easier and streamlined. It also made the production process much quicker and easier. As compared to the belts and pulley systems, the margin for breakdowns was significantly reduced, leading to better overall economics.

What is an Air Compressor and how does it work?

Air compressors is one of the most widely used systems to generate energy. From your air conditioner to the propulsion of turbine jets in airplanes and ships, everything works according to the principles laid down in 1800.

An Air Compressor typically carries two standard functions-

  1. It compresses and stores air
  2. It releases the stored air at a high pressure

Scientists state that your standard air compressors works on something known as a ‘Pneumatic Functionality.’ In other words, it uses energy as stored in air to make something move or perform a function.

The Air Compressor works according to a simple logic. It uses an electric source to create a huge suction effect. This helps in sucking in the air into the device in very large amounts. However, this air is then stored in a very small capacity chamber by compressing it. This is what helps it in creating the huge amounts of pressure on release.

When you want to power your tools using the air compressor, you have to connect them to the air receiver tank. Once you turn on the power, trapped air at high-pressure releases from the receiver tank and helps in powering the tools.

From your home drillers to your nail guns, paint sprayers, sanding and grinding tools, you can use an air compressor to power them efficiently.

Crucial factors to look at when choosing the right Air Compressor for Home Use

Before making any purchase decision, it is best to consult the best reviews and advice regarding aircompressors. Please bear in mind that an air compressor is not a cheap investment. You should also remember that a good air compressor could last you several years. Hence, it becomes essential to weigh all your pros and cons before making the purchase decision.

According to experts, people looking to buy air compressors should pay attention to three main factors-

The Size of the Air Compressor-

From decent sized ones to a unit as big as your mini-van, air compressors come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to understand that you should always factor in the size and power before buying one. Most people make the mistake of buying huge ones, only to store in in their backyards.

Please remember that you should always keep them away from natural forces. It is best to store them indoors in your basement or in your garage. See the storage size available in your house before you buy one.

The Source or Power of the Air Compressor-

In 2020, air compressors draw their power from two main sources- electricity and gasoline. At the outset, you might think what the difference is. However, if you are going for a gasoline powered air compressor, you would have to stock gasoline at all times.

Likewise, if you are using an electricity based source, you would have to keep a close check on the power drawings, prices, voltage fluctuations and other elements. You do not want your entire house to trip as soon as you power on the air compressor to work.

The Price of the Air Compressor-

It is a fact that humans are very price sensitive when it comes to buying home tools and equipment. When it comes to air compressors, we are no different. Air compressors that run of 5 HP (horsepower) can cost anywhere from between hundred dollars to a thousand dollars.

If you are looking for branded air compressors from brands like Dewalt or Hitachi, you can also be looking at several thousand dollars. However, the price is often justified by the high quality, customer support and lower price of maintenance.


Selecting the right air compressor for home use can help you address big and small issues in your home. This not only helps you save on repairperson costs, but also makes you come across as responsible. Everyone wants to do their best for their families and homes. With the right air compressor, you too will be able to do your best.

An air compressor is a necessary tool for your house. With the help of this article, you are in a much better position to know more about them as well as buy them by making informed purchase decisions.