Top 5 Best Bloom Booster Reviews 2021 and Buyer’s Guide

You know that people need to consume the correct nutrients to maintain a sound, healthy body, but did you know that plants need the same thing? They require many essential nutrients in the form of fertilizers so that they can develop properly. As a gardener, having healthy plant growth is probably extremely important to you. Bloom boosters don’t only provide your plants with essential nutrients, but also improve the quality of the vegetation.

However, if you’re not careful, you can easily become confused by all the different bloom boosters, fertilizers, etc. that are currently on the market. That’s why we’re here to give you the best bloom booster reviews to help you easily find what is most suitable for your different demands.


How to Choose the Best Bloom Boosters in 2021

The truth is that not all bloom boosters work as advertised because each one contains different ingredients. We aim to provide you with a list of top-rated products that are perfect for your particular plants and flowers. Before reading the product reviews, though, have a quick look at some key factors of bloom boosting products.

Check the information on the label

Reading the information on the label will give you a clear look at the product that you’re going to purchase. There are some which are only appropriate for certain kinds of plants, such as orchids, and others which are more multi-purpose and can be applied to a large range of species. In addition, you should check the components in the fertilizer and see whether they’re good for your vegetation and flowers’ development.

Are the products water-soluble?

Liquids easily and quickly penetrate into the soil. So, make sure that you consider purchasing a bloom booster that can either be dissolved in water or those that are sold in liquid form. It will then be easier for your flowering plants to absorb the necessary nutrients and vitamins that they need to grow properly. The powdered ones tend to blow around if there’s wind and take longer to be absorbed by the vegetation.


Examine the yield

With different features, components, and specifications, each bloom booster brings different yields. A great yield will mean that you will be able to save money, time, and effort. In addition, remember to check which ones are only suitable for small gardens and which ones can be used for bigger gardens so that you can buy the right bloom booster for the size of your property.

Learn how quickly the product will take to give results

Of course, most gardeners want to purchase the bloom boosters that can provide the fastest results. Remember that a more slow-release product will need to be applied less often, while a fast release, fast result product will need to be applied frequently.

You need to check four key factors carefully before deciding to buy any bloom boosting product. Using these, you’ll be able to choose the right one for the plants and flowers in your beloved garden. So, before diving into our detailed best bloom booster reviews, take a look at the table below to get a general idea first.

The Comparison Table of 5 Best Bloom Boosters in 2021

Top 5 Best-Rated Bloom Booster Reviews for 2021

1. Mammoth P 250 ML Bloom Booster

Mammoth P 250 ML Bloom Booster


  • A high yield product
  • Contains beneficial bacteria that deliver phosphorus and other nutrients for plant uptake.
  • Improves plant vitality thus optimizing flower production


  • Has a pungent smell

Known as the first organically derived microbial inoculum, Mammoth P 250ml bloom booster helps to increase the amounts of phosphorus and micronutrients in the soil to boost bud growth, yield, and plant health. Mammoth P is a liquid formula of helpful soil/hydro bacteria that can be applied directly to the soil or via hydroponic systems. The bacteria in the solution act as micro bioreactors, creating enzymes that release nutrients. What’s more, the increased levels of phosphorus keep the plants’ internodes shorter and concentrate the energy on bud production.

This product is different from other microbial biostimulants since it’s a microbial consortium that was especially developed using a functional feature selection platform. It has been tested by scientists at Colorado State University. The plants will be able to easily absorb the phosphorus and other micronutrients.

This product naturally speeds up the nutrient supply to plants in order to boost bud size and quality, yield, and plant health. Field trials have demonstrated that Mammoth P raises plant yield by an average of 16%. That is the reason why this product appears in my best bloom booster reviews.

2. General Hydroponics GH5134 Organics BioThrive Bloom Booster

General Hydroponics GH5134 Organics BioThrive Bloom Booster


  • Provides necessary nutrients for excellent blooms and generous harvests.
  • Specifically designed with a pure and natural vegan formulation
  • Boosts seed, flower, and fruit production effectively
  • Ideal for all types of plants


  • This product is not the best for hydroponics

GH5134 Organics BioThrive is one of the best bloom boosters on my list. Its formula has been particularly designed to meet the inclusive demands of all plants through every stage of development. The ingredients are totally vegan, containing natural plant extracts, mined minerals, and sea kelp. It effectively encourages beneficial microbial activity in the root zone. It nurtures the microbes that live in harmony with the plants. Moreover, it offers the necessary nutrients that create healthy flowering, vegetative and fruiting development.

The GH5134 Organics BioThrive bloom booster has been tested on different types of plant and flowers. The results have shown that it’s ideal for every kind of plant and can be mixed with other products in the General Hydroponics line.

3. Humboldt Nutrients HNBUP420 5-Pound Humboldt Nutrients Big Up Powder 0-33-23 Bloom Booster

Humboldt Nutrients HNBUP420 5-Pound Humboldt Nutrients Big Up Powder 0-33-23 Bloom Booster


  • A premium bloom booster
  • Provides a boost of energy to all kinds of plants
  • Delivers high levels of phosphorus and potassium to the plants and flowers
  • Most effective when used in the first week and final weeks of the blooming period


  • This product is quite expensive

Humboldt Nutrients agronomists and chemists have developed this premium bloom booster of Big Up Powder after years of study, research, and local trials. While lots of similar products contain artificial coloring and dyes, Big Up Powder 0-33-23 bloom booster is free of unnecessary ingredients. Furthermore, it has been formulated to effectively deliver high levels of potassium and phosphorus to the plants and flowers.

This product is mainly used for the first and final weeks during the flowering period. If you use Big Up Powder in the first week of blooming, you will send the plants into an extreme flowering cycle quickly. In the final weeks of flowering, this bloom booster provides the increased energy that the plants need to complete the flowering cycle with some of the biggest flowers you have ever seen.

In our best bloom booster reviews, the Big Up Powder 0-33-23 bloom booster boasts perfect quality and performance since it contains a large amount of speially formulated ingredients. Furthermore, many customers have reported that using this product brings great results of plentiful harvests and large blooms.

4. Rock Solid - Super Bud Booster and Bloom Booster

Rock Solid - Super Bud Booster and Bloom Booster


  • Maximizes the basic potential of the plants – helping to achieve up to 30% extra yield
  • Increases the uptake of CO2, water, and other significant nutrients
  • Enhances the plants’ capacity to photosynthesize
  • Facilitates growth of top high-quality, healthy, high yielding blooming plants


  • The level of NPK is quite low

Rock Solid has been described as a powerful and economical bloom booster which will revitalize your plants. It has been specifically formulated with an organic solvent that is high in minerals. Besides this, it contains many additives that have been scientifically proven to help plant development.

This liquid nutritional supplement can be used both for hydroponic mediums and for soil, because it has necessary stimulants to promote the development of plants. What’s more, the CO2 formula of this super bud booster and bloom booster will help you attain up to 30% of additional yield with every bloom. Make sure you give the correct dose at every stage of growth so that the vegetation can thrive and develop effectively.

No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned gardener, you’ll find Rock Solid simple to use and ideal for blooming plants. You’re guaranteed to get a high yield if you follow the instructions on the bottle carefully. Are you looking for one of the best bloom boosters that is also cost-effective? Check out this product now!

5. Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer

Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer


  • Provides a good yield of large flower buds
  • Expands the flowers to their maximum size
  • Also causes good dense foliage growth
  • Offers a huge growth boost for a greater production


  • The instructions on the bottle are not very clear

Let’s look at the last product on our best bloom booster reviews, the Advanced Nutrients Big Bud Liquid Fertilizer. It’s able to help you grow large flower buds because it contains L-amino acids and accurate amounts of phosphorus and potassium.

This legendary product is known worldwide as a great bloom booster to enlarge flowers to their maximum possible size. A dedicated team of scientists from the Advanced Nutrients brand has worked around the clock to create a premium fertilizer, which provides virtually the whole gamut of nutrients. Best of all, the nutrients have been made using natural and chemical-free methods.

If you want a high-yielding bloom phase, get the Big Bug Liquid Fertilizer and see your plants expand.

Tips for applying the best bloom boosters

Selecting and applying the best bloom booster to your plants will encourage healthy plant development. However,you need to know when the best time to apply it is or you might cause damage to the plants.

Before flowering

The formula of the bloom boosting products often contains three macronutrients for plant development; however, the mixtures mostly come with a high concentration of phosphorous. While a high content of nitrogen encourages the development of foliage, a high phosphorous content boosts the production of flower buds.

It is recommended that you start applying bloom boosters when the plants are first beginning to create buds. This guarantees that the plants will get as much phosphorus as possible for other major functions like chlorophyll production and water movement.


During flowering

Both annuals and perennials will stop blooming if phosphorus levels get too low. Therefore, continuing to apply a bloom booster through the flowering period will stimulate more new buds to form since there will now be a sufficient amount of phosphorus available.

Many manufacturers suggest that gardeners apply bloom boosters every 7-14 days while the plants are in full blossom. For flowering houseplants, you should dilute the dose of the product and apply it throughout the year in order to promote constant flowering, perhaps stopping for a month or two in the dormant phase.

When to stop using

According to the Alameda County Master Gardeners of the California University, it is recommended that you gradually stop applying the bloom boosters in October so that the plants will have time to prepare for the cold weather. For indoor plants, you can continue using it for longer, though most flowering plants need at least a few months of dormancy every year. So remember to check the dormancy guidelines for your particular kind of plants to create a flowering schedule that won’t shorten the life of the plants.

How to apply

The method of applying bloom boosters mainly depends on the kind of product you have bought.

  • Liquid products come in two different forms, including concentrate and dry. Concentrated liquids merely need to be diluted with water in the correct ratio, then watered onto the plants at the base. Some are sprayed onto the foliage and are absorbed via the leaves. For the dry form, you will need to dissolve it in water so that it can be easily absorbed into the ground and taken up by the plants. Make sure that you read the directions carefully before applying to avoid overdosing and damaging the plants.
  • Powdered products are common and are useful for digging in at the base of the plants, though they do have a tendency to blow around. To prevent this, water well after application. It does take a little longer for the effects of these ones to show on your plants.


Now you have a better idea of some of the best products available on the market. Based on our best bloom booster reviews 2021, we believe that the Rock Solid product truly stands out from the others. As a concentrated and affordable product, it is useful on all kinds of vegetation. Besides this, it has been especially formulated to be an organic solvent that is rich in minerals.

Remember, if you have any queries you are always welcome to contact us. We are here to help you. Thanks for reading!

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