Best Garden Ideas for Summer

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Now is the time to be thinking about improvements to your garden in the summer. There are many things you can do to make your outdoor space more usable in the warmer months, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it.

Often, we tend to under-use gardens, so what can you do to make your garden area more attractive for family and friends this summer? We’ve got some great ideas that we think you’ll appreciate!

Install a BBQ

If you like to spend warm summer evenings eating outside, the chances are you also like a BBQ, and who doesn’t?

Always a great opportunity to catch up with friends, you might have a portable barbeque that you bring out when it’s needed.

But why not build a dedicated barbeque area in a little-used part of the garden?

It’s not difficult – there’s plenty of advice and also videos online that show you cheap and easy ways to have your own permanent BBQ, and you know you’ll use it!

Create a Decking Area

One of the biggest problems with getting out in the garden is having a suitable place for people to gather.

The perfect solution is to create a decking area that is big enough to take a few seats and a table, and add a canopy for a bit of cover.

Decking is very simple to install – you can either build DIY decking or have a professional do it for you – and makes a great addition to a garden.

Add outdoor heaters, lights and even a sound system and you have the perfect entertainment spot for when your friends come around.

Add a Hot Tub

This is a great idea that will be a huge hit with your family, and is a unique way of having a party: put a hot tub in your garden!

There are many available in different shapes, sizes and types, and you might be surprised how affordable it can be to have your very own outdoor hot tub that is ready to use at all times.

Find the best place to put it – perhaps next to your new decking or on a patio – and you’ll have an installation that everyone appreciates. If you want good advice on the best model, Hot Tub Reviewer is the site to visit.

Light It Up

If you already have decking and perhaps even a hot tub, why not light up your garden so it is easier to use and more welcoming on dark evenings?

The sheer variety of lights you can buy for outdoor use is simply amazing, and there’s bound to be something that suits your requirements.

Look for solar lights that charge by the sun by day and you can use by night – that’s free lighting once you’ve installed them! A touch of well-placed light can really make a big difference to a garden.

For the best effect, set some lights down the garden path so people can see where they are going, and don’t be afraid to indulge in a touch of colour.

Build a Fire Pit

This is one that can go with your decking – many people place a fire pit in the middle of decking for the best effect – and that can also extend the use of your garden into the autumn and spring – and the winter of you’re really daring!

A fire pit is easy to create using bricks – check out one of the many YouTube videos that outline how it’s done – and once you have it ready, it’s a great way of getting rid of waste while creating heat.

Remember to leave some gaps in the lower part for air to get in, or it won’t burn properly. When it does, you’ll have a feature everyone appreciates, and one you can warm your hands on!

Get a Summer House

If you don’t get the best weather in your area, why not look at installing a summer house?

You can buy many different sizes and types, and they make a great place for people to sit and relax in the day or evening when the weather is not ideal.

This is a great way of adding space, too, and many people use one to work from when they are at home, as it gives a sense of being outdoors and away from the house, but is just down the garden! They don’t have to be expensive or difficult to erect, so shop around and see what you can find.

That’s a few great ideas for enhancing your garden that won’t break the bank, so why not combine a few and give your garden that make-over it surely deserves?

You’ll find the transformation to be amazing, and you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor areas as they should be enjoyed.