Best summer garden ideas for 2021

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Summer of 2021 is almost upon us, but it is not too late to go for a seasonal backyard transformation yet! If you are looking for fresh garden ideas to upgrade your backyard or need a new vision for garden design – keep on reading.

In this article, we summarized some of the hottest trends in landscaping this year, so you can get a big dose of inspiration for your outdoor paradise:

Transform your summer garden with these garden designs

Build your dream patio

If you have a small or large space to spear with direct or pathway access to the house, then you should consider building a patio. Patios are a never-ending summer trend, providing a nice place for recreation, fun, dining and spending quality time with friends and family in your garden.

According to the landscape, exterior design, colour scheme and personal taste, you may build a paved, tiled or concrete patio or go for a classic raised wooden platform. In any case, a cute garden patio surrounded by vivid greens, living walls or edged by a lush lawn, will take you closer to ultimate comfort. Finish up with a barbeque, fire pit, swings, comfy furniture or/and dining set.

Lights, candles and lanterns

Other great summer garden ideas include investment in unconventional outdoor lighting. For example – fairy light installations, candle arrangements and charming lanterns. Subtle lights will bring a romantic vibe to your garden at night, creating a safe bonding environment for a relaxing evening outside.

Garden fireplace or barbeque

Amenities make an outdoor site special. Garden additions like a fire pit, outdoor fireplace and built-in barbecue bring people together. They are a must in any modern garden design and landscape outline. When the weather is warm and cosy like in the summertime, they give you the perfect opportunity to host garden parties and enjoy the company of your closest ones.

Fresh new planting and bright flowers

Summer is all about the balance between vibrant blooming and green plants with bushy structure and large foliage. The combination brings life to your yard. Go for green walls, tall trees, hedges and big-leafed greenery to tropical ferns and low palms, and you can transform your backyard into the perfect garden.

Once you have the green plants matter settled, refresh your garden and make it stand out by planting vivid summer flowers. There are many mesmerising and bright-coloured blooms that can turn the summer vibe on. Some of the best long-lasting and easy-to-grow seasonal flowers include fuchsia, begonia, iris, petunia, daylily and hydrangea!

Summer Fountain

A fountain is one of the best garden ideas for the warm season. After all, nothing screams summer garden more than an alluring water feature. Whether you decide to go for a drinking fountain or a decorative one, you cannot be wrong.

In the first case, you can refresh yourself from the heat at any moment. As for installing a decorative fountain – the soothing sound of water nearby will help you better relax and unwind and will bring lots of birds and squirrels to take baths in your yard.

Stone Paths and pebbles

Use stone blocks for patio areas, low and raised decorative surfaces, or as a top-up for outdoor grills and fire pits. If you have a plain lawn then creating stone or pebble paths through it will make a wonderful feature, to help you get around different garden areas without crossing over the grassy patches.

Such pathways are a great refreshment and could also be a beautiful landscape upgrade to any old-fashioned and concrete alleys on your property. After all, stone and pebble can get you closer to nature and may sometimes look way better than bricks, tiles and cement.

Cushions and blankets in the garden

Of course, to make a garden cosy, you need to make the outdoor space homier by moving some indoor comforts out. A great way to bring this garden design idea to life is by adding cushions and blankets to garden furniture like chairs, swings, hammocks, sofas, lounge chairs, etc.

Sometimes summer garden ideas are just not enough for proper project execution. And that’s ok. In those cases, you need to take advantage of professional gardening services and seek expert advice to pull them off without complications. After all, pro gardeners know exactly when, where and how to execute landscape and garden tasks.