Why Should You Buy A Replacement Battery For Dewalt Tools?

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DeWalt is an American worldwide brand that manufactures power tools and hand tools for the industries of construction, manufacture, and woodwork. Dewalt has always been known to deliver guaranteed tough and high-quality products. But even with its claims about the quality of their products, the batteries that come with it are not even that good. Customers rave about Dewalt tools but don’t feel the same for the batteries that come with it. That’s why its best to buy replacement batteries for Dewalt tools or buy it from free classified site.

Dewalt Replacement Batteries are known to be durable and high-quality just like DeWalt tools. Let’s get to know about these Batteries you should get a hold on if you have DeWalt tools.

1. Price

Dewalt Replacement Batteries are expensive. But it is worth the money if it lasts you a long time. Generic Batteries may be cheaper than Dewalt Batteries but there is no guarantee that they will last.

You can find a 2-pack of Dewalt 20V Max Battery Packs at $129 when you buy at Amazon.com. Other brands such as Gerit have the same 2-pack of Gerrit 20V Max Battery Packs but at a much lower price. The latter batteries cause $62 when you buy at Amazon.com. Thinking about it, yeah it’s much more expensive since it’s such a HUGE price difference. There are also some batteries that offer a much better price selection like Enegitech 2×5.0Ah Battery Pack that costs $75 via Amazon.

But even if they’re the much “cheaper” pick, choosing anything other than official battery packs are risky especially because they’re unknown. There is no accounting if there even safe or not. Their performance might not even be that great.

Dewalt Replacement Batteries are a greater option than those generic ones.

2. Capacity

Dewalt Replacement batteries have more capacity and running time than standard batteries. It will have no memory effect which means it can be charged or discharged as needed without loss of capacity. These Replacement Packs vary. Even if their capacity differs from product to product, its running time still outranks other batteries.

Dewalt has perfect electronics with High-Quality Samsung Cells that are high-performing cells. These batteries also have a safety circuitry designed to prevent overloading and overheating of cells.

Dewalt Batteries don’t explode or burn either. These batteries are constructed with safety and performance in mind that other brands seem to forget. Others throw in prices but don’t think about their customer’s concerns or issues.

3. Compatibility Chart

This is the first thing the people are asking, when buying a battery. You have to make sure your battery is compatible with your tool. It’s otherwise useless. But we are not worried with this factor so much, because the DeWalt batteries are compatible with almost every DeWalt tool. Especially the DeWalt FlexVolt battery packs! They work in 20V MAX 60V MAX and 120V MAX tools. So, you got nothing to worry about.

Dewalt BatteryDewalt ToolsCombo Kits
20V MAX* Battery20V MAX* toolsDrills and Hammer Drills
Dust Management
Heated Gear
Impact Drivers and Wrenches
Jobsite Lighting
Jobsite Radios
Oscillating Tools
Outdoor Power Equipment
Rotary Hammers
Screwguns and Screwdrivers
60V MAX* Battery60V MAX* toolsCircular Saws
Drills Hammer Drills
Miter Saws
Outdoor Power Equipment
Reciprocating Saws
Small Angle Grinders
Table Saws
Track Saws
Two 60V MAX* Battery120V MAX* toolsCircular Saws
Drills Hammer Drills
Miter Saws
Outdoor Power Equipment
Reciprocating Saws
Small Angle Grinders
Table Saws
Track Saws


4. Performance

Let the people speak for this factor. It’s always best to trust the People’s opinion because sometimes brands can ultimately be biased. We have compiled a Customer’s Review that will show you their content on buying Dewalt Replacement Batteries.

“I received my DeWalt cordless drill as a birthday gift a few years ago and I love it. The drill came in a kit with a charger and two of these LiIon batteries. Unfortunately one of the batteries wore out a year or so ago and won’t take a charge anymore. So, I finally got around to buying a replacement so that I don’t have to worry about my battery running out in the middle of a project. I like that these packs last a long time, don’t seem to lose much charge if you go a month or two without using the drill, and they don’t suffer any of the horrible memory effects associated with NiCad chemistry. They’re also lighter and more powerful than if they featured NiMH chemistry in the same size. I’ll probably be adding more DeWalt 18V XRP tools to my collection in the future (along with another battery or two) so that I won’t have to have a bunch of different chargers and batteries for each cordless tool. Very happy with the DeWalt quality and durability.” @ Dave C.

This was a review from Dave C who had a verified purchase on buying DeWalt Replacement Battery and he seems to like it. From his words, we can see that they last a long time and doesn’t lose much charge and no horrible memory effects’. Judging from his words, it’s pretty good.


We have assessed the facts. Generic Brands’ Positive Reviews can’t be trusted because they purchase good reviews in order for their products to look good and seem useful. This is the reason why we recommend DeWalt because it exceeds all expectations. What are you waiting for? Grab a Dewalt Replacement Battery now!

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