DIY Gardening: A Complete List of the Most Important Tools You Need to Have

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Maintaining a beautiful garden is no easy feat. Therefore, you need to have the right equipment and tools that will make garden work easier, faster, and more successful. When considering the tools you’ll get, determine the needs of your garden and what you plan to do with it long-term. Without further ado, here are the essential tools and equipment that will help you maintain the beauty of your garden.

1. Garden Scissors

A pair of garden scissors is essential to almost any gardener. Unfortunately, this gardening tool is overlooked often. The main reason why you need to have this is it’s a flexible tool. It can be used for a variety of simple gardening tasks. It is perfect for opening seed packages, digging out weeds, and pruning small flowers. If you don’t have all the tools, you can always improvise. This is why a pair of garden scissors is a must.

2. Weeder

Weeds might seem harmless but they can be a serious problem in the long run. Thus, you need to attend to them the moment they show up in your garden. If you prefer not to use chemicals to treat weeds, then a great solution is a weeder. This is a hand tool with a forked end, perfect for digging and removing weeds by their roots.

3. Hand Trowel

If you’re just starting to renovate your garden, a hand trowel will really come in handy. It’s perfect for garden tasks that need a lot of work. This tool is useful in digging areas for flowers and plants. It is also used for refilling those areas once you are done. You can also use a hand trowel for digging out weeds. While a weeder is recommended, a hand trowel will do if you still don’t have one yet.

4. Soil Knife

A soil knife is another flexible garden tool. It originated from Japan and is referred to as a “Hori-Hori.” It is suitable for a wide range of garden tasks that require cutting and digging. Take note that the blade of this knife is quite sharp and you can use electric knife sharpener to sharpen your knife at home. It is indeed a useful tool but always keep it away from children.

5. Wheelbarrow

When performing a huge renovation on your garden, it’s most likely that there will be lots of waste materials. Cleaning them up and putting them in one place will surely not be easy. However, with a wheelbarrow, you can transport them easily and fast to where they should be disposed.

Moreover, a wheelbarrow is also useful for transporting huge pieces of equipment and tools. After gardening, you can keep them at once through a wheelbarrow. This greatly reduces your workload and make the job faster.

6. Lawn Mower

A lawn mower is the perfect tool to keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant. When trimming your grass, it’s vital that you trim it just enough, not less and not too much. A lawn mower does a perfect job in accomplishing this.

When choosing the type of lawn mower you need, you can usually determine by the size of your garden. If you have a huge garden, then a gas-powered mower is preferred. Meanwhile, if you have a small garden, an electric one is great.

7. Wood Chipper

A small wood chipper is a machine that turns wood into chips. If you need to remove an entire tree, it’s easier to clean it up by turning the large limbs into wood chips. This saves you from the hassle of putting every wood in trash bags. In some areas, it’s not even collected by garbage collectors. This machine also saves you from burning wood, if that is your preferred way of getting rid of it. Wood chips have a lot of uses, such as fertilizers for your plants and even to make fuel.

A wood chipper is certainly a useful machine. However, you need to be careful when operating it. Also, this type of machine may cost a bit so make sure you get yours from a reputed wood chipper supplier.

8. Pruning Shears

A pair of pruning shears is useful when cutting small branches, especially after winter when everything had little maintenance. During spring, you will really notice small branches growing all over the place. These really look untidy and trees are healthier when they are trimmed regularly.

Remember, for cutting these branches, your pair of pruning shears must be sharp enough to cut through. So it’s ideal to sharpen them each spring so you can cut through those branches with ease.

9. Leaf Rakes

Every gardener knows how important a leaf rake is. Cleaning up all the leaves can mean a lot of work, particularly during fall and spring. Apart from leaves, a leaf rake can also clean other debris in your garden.

An ideal leaf rake has a big fan-like blade with bristles made from plastic or soft metal. This allows you to rake the whole area lightly, removing all the debris. The bristles are soft enough, leaving the soil unharmed.

10. Pruning Saw

Bigger tree limbs and branches require more cutting power. A pruning saw is ideal for this task as it is intended for cutting on the pull stroke. This allows you better control when cutting limbs and branches. Although a small chainsaw is also ideal, it is more costly and this type of job is rarely needed in gardening tasks.

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