Do You Need Brentwood Rat Control?

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Brentwood is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Bay area.  The city is known for being family-friendly, more agriculturally focused, and a haven for outdoor activities.  Since Brentwood has such a positive reputation, it certainly doesn’t need rats around to ruin that image or be a danger to children.

If You Suspect Rats, Look for Signs

There are ways to tell if you are currently under rat infestation.  Look for these tell-tale signs to see if you need Brentwood rat control.

  • One of the most obvious signs is rat droppings. If you see any, you need to be making a call to rat control.
  • Rats have terrible eyesight, so they use dirt and grime on their bodies to make a familiar pathway. You have rats if any areas of your home or commercial building suddenly have disgusting-looking rub marks.
  • Scratching noises are another ominous sign. Rats are excellent climbers, and you’ll be able to hear them doing it.
  • Some rats use holes to borrow through paths, store food, and as a place to sleep. If you suddenly have holes, call the exterminator.
  • Other rats may prefer making nests to living in holes. If you see one, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.
  • Since rats use dirt and grime on them to their advantage, footprints will probably be visible early on. A helpful trick to find footprints is to use talcum powder or flour on the floor and see if any little paw prints show up.

What to Look for in Rat Control

Clients who want good quality Brentwood rat control should know the following points to make that happen.

  • You may ask if they have tailored plans that suit your specific needs.
  • Ask how long they have been in the business. You want the staff to be qualified and experienced.
  • Check that they are licensed and insured.
  • Look for services that provide inspections to ensure that you even have rats.
  • If humane methods are essential to you, you may want to inquire about how they get rid of the rats.

Rats can show up in the oddest situations.  They shouldn’t be in the home unless they are tame and purchased from a reputable pet store.  Do not hesitate to call a rat control professional if you notice any of these warning signs.


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