Essential Lawn Care Tips For Spring Time

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Have you ever walked past someone’s lawn and wished you had that? If yes, then nature’s spring is sending a waking-up call, and your lawn needs to respond, but not without your help. Spring is the time of the year when lawns get ready for the sun’s blanket of warmth and the embrace of the cool breeze. It is also the time when the sound of lawnmowers waft through the air, as lawn owners do their best to care for their greens. If you’re wondering how to keep your lawn green and beautiful through the spring, then here are some care tips you can use.

Clean and repair your lawn

If you managed to maintain your lawn during the cold of winter, all you need to do is wait until the ground dries to make your first move. Once you have the ‘all-clear’ signal, take the time to rake, focusing mainly on the problem areas. Ensure that your soil is not densely packed, as this can encourage the growth of weeds. Also, look out for thatch problems, as their presence can make it very difficult for water and nutrients to reach deep into the soil. Next, check your lawn fences (if you have any) to make sure they’re in perfect shape. You can also opt for an entirely new fence from reliable fence companies where necessary.

Water the right way

First of all, you should welcome your new lawn season with all your essential tools in top shape. And one vital piece of equipment to pay attention to is your water hose. That is why you need to store your hose the proper way during winter to ensure that it is free from avoidable breakages. Only water your lawn when you need to, preferably in the mornings. Once you have cleaned and prepared your lawn, give your grasses enough time to take root before watering them. Try walking on your lawn for a few seconds; if the grass blades do not spring back after stepping on them, then it is time to water them.

Aerate and overseed

Aside from water, air is essential for any healthy lawn. As already, it is important not to have compact soil, and aeration is the solution you need. How often you should aerate your soil depends on the soil type you’re working with. However, the right time to aerate is usually between late spring to early summer. You also need to fill in any bare space in your lawn by overseeding or using sod.

Keep the weeds under control

Weeds are your enemies as far as your lawns and gardens are concerned. So, take the time to keep them under control. Your lawn should be able to resist weed problems if you keep it healthy. But that doesn’t mean a few interlopers will not show up at some point. So, be ready to dirty your hands by grabbing and uprooting ‘bad boys’ like chickweed and dandelions if you notice them showing up. Alternatively, you can also opt for natural-based herbicides and weedicides.