Tips to Find the Best Self Propelled Push Mower

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Lawn maintenance has quickly risen to become a part of a regular routine for many families. One of the most important tools in lawn maintenance is a lawn mower which makes the whole task considerably easier.

If you want to make the process even simpler, then a self-propelled mower will require almost no effort from you as it propels itself with a built-in motor.

You just need to direct it. However, there are many different models with different feature sets. So, which one should you get?

There is no one best lawn mower for everyone and it really depends on a lot of factors. Here are some handy tips to find the best self-propelled push mower.

1. Determine your lawn size

The first important thing to consider when purchasing a lawn mower is how big your lawn actually is. If you’re dealing with a big area then you might have to opt for a cordless mower which runs on batteries and is not limited in its maximum operational distance by a cord. If its medium sized, then you might still be better off with a corded mower along with a cord extension.

2. Get a mower with adjustable mowing height

Mowing height is the amount of space that is available between the ground and the blade of the mower. Being able to adjust this is important for various reasons. For one, it lets you determine the size at which you want to keep your lawn grass.

Having a mower with very little room can also cause problems when cutting taller grass as it gets significantly harder for the mower to run through it whereas having more space for the grass to move around will offer a much smoother experience overall.

3. Decide between Gas and electric mowers

Most self-propelled mowers are gas type but there are a few electric models that you can find on the market as well.

Gas type mowers are more powerful and have no limit to their operational distance without taking a significant hit to their operational time like cordless electric mowers do. But they are also considerably loud and you might sometimes have to deal with undesirable fuel leaks.

Electric mowers on the other hand are clean and quiet. They might not be as powerful but they are very efficient in how they work and will get the job done just as well as a gas mower while requiring significantly less maintenance. But these also tend to be far more expensive.

For most people a gas mower is recommended as it is cheaper and gets the job done. But if the smoother, quieter and cleaner operation is important to you, then electric is the way to go.

4. Determine the appropriate mowing width

Mowing width is simply the cutting width of the blades. Having more mowing width means that you will cut more grass in a single run but this also makes the mower bigger.

This could cause other inconveniences like storage and portability issues or if you have a door to your lawn, then a large mower might not even fit through. Higher mowing width is certainly good but these are the things you should consider before opting for one.

5. Speed control

The speed at which the mower moves can significantly cut down on the time you spend working on your lawn. But if you want an accurate cut, you need the mower to be slower. This doesn’t have to be a choice if you get a mower with an option to natively control its speed.

6. Rear wheel drive vs front wheel drive

A self-propelled mower offers both these options and each of them are good for a particular type of lawn. If you have a flat lawn with little bumps or slopes, then a front wheel drive system will be better as you don’t need the traction and this is much easier to maneuver.

A rear wheel drive shines better on a lawn with slopes as it provides more traction especially in the center of the mower making it very easy to drive for the user.


These tips to find the best self-propelled push mower should tell you everything you need to know in order to get a suitable product that will work well with your lawn and conditions.