Fun Activities You Can Do In Your Garden

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Instead of spending all your time staring at the dim lit screen on your phone or pulling out the wallet to buy movie tickets, indulge in some fun filled and interesting activities that you can do in your own backyard. If you have a clean garden, call your friends and spend time indulging in one of the below mentioned activities.

Organize a potluck

Invite your neighbors and your friends and host a potluck. Ensure a well rounded menu and inform your neighbors to bring dessert while your friends could bring savory dishes. All you need to do is supply them with the main course. You could also organize a barbecue in your garden with the help of your neighbors.

Host a movie night

If you do not have a movie projector, rent it and pop some popcorn. Lay the mattresses in the garden or arrange chairs for comfortable seating. Watch your favorite action or comedy movie with your friends in your own garden.

Host a read-in

If the day is too hot and you cannot plan any outdoor activity, load up on the books and get a pile of blankets and cushions. Spend the time reading in the afternoon with your friends. It is also an interesting activity to indulge in with children.

Practice Yoga

If you are a group of health conscious individuals, you can make the best use of the garden by exercising or practicing yoga. You could teach yoga to your friends or the entire group could practice at a time. All you need is a few yoga mats and you are all set. This activity could be a great therapist for your health.

Tarot Divination

Have an interesting tarot reading session with your friends in the garden. Clean up the space, light a few candles and enjoy a wonderful reading session. You can ask your friends to come with their questions and the reader could answer them through the reading. You can learn more about it in this article.

Go stargazing

This remains a favorite for one and all. There is nothing like cozying up in a blanket and staring at the sky. On a clear night, you can make a wish on the shooting star or even spot a planet from your garden. Whatever time of the year it is, you will have a memorable time staring at the sky.

These are a few activities you can indulge in right in your backyard. You do not have to burn a hole in your pocket nor do you need to plan the entire evening and stress yourself out. You can simply ask your friends to come for a fun evening and the rest will be taken care of. If you are hosting a potluck, you might have to ask them to bring food for the event. Due to the hectic lives we lead, it has become impossible to spend time with nature. When you plan fun activities in your garden, you can ensure that you catch up with your friends while making the most of nature.