How Much Does It Cost To Redo The Exterior Of A House?

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Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer to the question of cost when looking to remodel the exterior of your home. Put simply, there are too many variables.

It is important to consider all the following factors before you start getting quotes. You should always get several quotes and make sure that one is from an industry recognized expert, such as Peter Bracey. This will give you the benchmark to assess the other quotes by.

Don’t forget that the cheapest quote s not always the best, it may not include all the same detail and you should verify the quality of the work by looking at local examples.

The Size Of Your Building

The bigger your property is the more it will cost to redo the exterior. This is basic math as a greater surface area will equate to more materials and an increased labor bill to complete the work.

It is fair to say cladding costs approximately $55 per square meter; you can calculate the square meterage of your home and get an idea of the overall cost.

The Materials

Vinyl cladding is one of the cheapest materials you can use to clad your own home. It is also surprisingly low maintenance and comes in a variety of colors.

However, you may prefer to use stone, brick, metal or even a composite cladding material. Any of these are good options, although the price of redoing the exterior is likely to rise.

When considering the materials you do need to think about the finished result and how this will blend into the neighborhood. Redoing the exterior of your home is a great opportunity to change its look but you’ll need to consider how your house fits into its current setting before radically change the look of it.

Labor Rate

The cost of redoing your exterior will also be affected by the labor rate of the firm you hire. F course, you can fit cladding yourself, if you wish to. But, this is time-consuming and you may need to purchase a range of specialist tools.

In general, it is usually more cost effective to get the cladding installed by a professional. But, the cost of a professional will vary. Make sure you are getting everything included when they give you a rate; there is little point in having a low rate if it will take them twice as long to complete it.

The professionals should also have all the equipment they need and the insurance to ensure that the cladding is put up quickly and effectively.

The Environmental Factor

Don’t forget that you can choose between standard cladding and that which has been sustainably produced. If you opt for the sustainable, environmentally friendly option, you are likely to need to increase your budget.

You can create a great baseline cost by measure the area of your home and using $55 per square meter. But, to get a completely accurate price you need to get several quotes completed.