How To Maintain Healthy Grass In A Small Yard

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It is a dream place for most people to have a house and a small yard in front of it where the kids can play, your pet can roam around, and even you can sit and enjoy whenever you feel like. All these things show how much time people spend on the lawn and the nature of the activities. All these can cause stress on the lawn grass and in the absence of proper care, it can result in the quality of lawn and the grass becoming very low and harsh.

To keep your lawn green, there are things you must do, at regular intervals so that the lawn stays in good health and the grass stays healthy. When you read and know about it, you will understand how detailed maintaining a lawn is, and you will also be confused by the number of tools and activities it requires. At such times, a few handy tips can surely be of enormous help. Below are some of the practical tips which have been tried and tested to maintain your lawn and keep the grass healthy:

Water Deeply

A lot of people believe that the lawn needs a lot of watering and water the lawn grass frequently. However, that is not entirely effective. The real effect lies in how deeply you water the grass. An ideal scenario is watering your yard less frequently and more deeply. By watering the grass deeply, you ensure that the water reaches the roots and makes the grass and soil both nourished, which will help to improve the quality of the grass.


Usually, some mowers have a side discharge that collects the grass clippings when you mow the grass, and you have the option to deal with it later. However, some mowers provide mulching which is cutting the grass and using the same to mix it with the soil itself. This process is called mulching, and it helps to improve the quality of the lawn.

Natural Fertilizers

Another important tip for having healthy grass is to use natural fertilizers. Chemical fertilizers can eventually cause an impact on the grass and hamper the quality. However, natural fertilizers ensure that the grass is provided its nourishment naturally and organically. Try and check out the natural fertilizers and use them to improve the health of your grass.

Cut Correctly

Grass has to be cut nicely to it to grow healthier and more green. Ensure that the blades on your lawnmower are sharp and friendly so that the grass is cut smoothly. It is also helpful if you use the lawn mowers for small yards that come with scissor-type blades which cut the grass like scissors rather than the traditional models.

Compost Garden And Kitchen Waste

As explained above, mulching helps to nourish the lawn soil and grow healthier grass. Another option is to compost the garden and kitchen waste into the soil. The clippings from cutting, if they do not mulch themselves, you can compost them yourself along with safe trash from the kitchen.

Mow High

Just like you need to cut the grass appropriately, it is also essential to check the height of the grass. Most mowers today come with adjustable height settings. You need to verify that the cutting height before you mow the grass and ensure that you mow high. Mowing high helps the grass to be cut efficiently and grow nicely.


Aeration essentially means punching holes into your soil so that the grass has a proper area to grow into. The holes are generally three inches deep for proper aeration. Your lawn is probably the most active part of your house, more so if you have kids and pets. Too much activity and even weekly mowing can make your lawn soil compact and aeration can help to breed a place for the grass to grow.

Mowing Technique

Mowing your lawn is the most crucial part of your lawn maintenance. Firstly, you need to ensure you choose one of the excellent lawn mowers for small yards. You must ensure that you vary the mowing patterns to avoid bald patches on soil due to the same mowing. Mow the grass when there is a shade or at night so that there is not much water loss while mowing.

Maintaining a healthy lawn is challenging and also a permanent job. You have to tend to the needs of the grass if you want it to look beautiful and stay green. Numerous things need to be done to keep the lawn healthy as you saw above, however as long as you do them right and at regular intervals, you will have neat and green grass which will be aesthetic to look at and also add value to your home.