Improving Your Life With An Urban Garden

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Recently the whole world has been dealing with a global pandemic. Many of us have been placed in lockdown or encouraged to stay at home as much as we can. For those lucky enough to live in the country with gardens and room to roam, being self-sufficient is quite enjoyable. However, all across the world, people are living in apartments or in homes with tiny gardens. This can make it harder to create a space that is both enjoyable to spend time in and can offer you some primary resources to live off.

Urban living throws up lots of opportunities to be creative. Especially in the current climate where we are encouraged to spend more time at home and while there is a considerable focus on our impact on the environment. There are lots of ways you can bring a little life into a small space.

One option is to create a living wall. These fantastic gardens help to purify the air and help regulate temperature. They also help improve our mood and overall well being.

It’s essential to choose the right space. A wall is perfect, if you have a fence, make sure it is sturdy enough to hold some weight. You can create your living wall from a bought structure, or you could recycle some old plastic bottles. Using plastic bottles as planters works really well, and they are great for the environment. Once your plants have established, you won’t be able to see the planters. You can buy established plants which will give you a quicker result!

The other option is to get clever with a vegetable garden. You could even go organic with this! Tomatoes and potatoes really don’t need a lot of room and are perfect if you have a balcony. You could even grow a small number of tomatoes on a window sill. With vegetables, there are a few things you need. Mulch being the first. You can make your own. This is time-consuming, a quick search for mulch for sale near me will bring up plenty of options that are rich in nutrients and great for producing fantastic vegetables. You can opt for a grow bag which works really well for tomatoes or for potatoes, if you have room for a pot, you can produce a small crop in one of these! It’s also possible to grow carrots and courgettes in pots on your balcony!

If you have a small garden, you can be a little more adventurous with beans or fruits such as raspberries. Not only do these taste fantastic, but they look gorgeous when they flower.

Leafy veg and salad, such as rocket or spinach, look amazing growing in hanging baskets. Plus you can keep reseeding them, so you always have a supply.

There are so many ways you can improve your living and help the environment. You don’t have to think big, think small instead! Even if you only have room for some herbs, get a little bit of green in your life, and you reap the benefits.