Keeping Your Garden Green In The Heat

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Yellow. Dried out. Unattractive.

This isn’t the description of a lemon pie that was left too long on the side. It’s your garden in summer. Indeed, during the heatwave, your garden is continuously exposed to hot temperatures and dry condition. As a result, the lawn gradually loses its natural freshness and color until it’s become a dry, yellow mess all around your house. It doesn’t take as long as you think to happen. All you need is to go for a quick weekend getaway, and you’ll find your lawn dramatically transformed once your back after a couple of days. Needless to say, it’s an unpleasant sight. But, thankfully, the grass wouldn’t have had enough time to go completely dry over the weekend. What this means is that there’s still a chance for you to restore your garden to its previous glory. However, don’t wait too long before you decide to act. Otherwise, there will not be any lawn left to save.

Keep it short and sweet

Let’s get started with your lawn. The first thing you need to do to help your lawn go back to its natural green shade is to trim all the unnecessary yellow and dried grass. As you trim, you need to keep the shape and height of your grass similar across the entire lawn, so it can be helpful to define first how much you need to cut. Be prepared to end with a very low green lawn layer at first. But don’t worry, the grass will soon grow back to its full glory. A reel mower is a cheap and effective way to go through the dry grass without putting too much pressure on the soil or to the environment – while a gas-powered mower may not deliver the same results.

Clear the area

Once you’ve cut off the yellow part of your grass, you need to clean it off the lawn. If you’ve been using an electric mower that automatically picks up the cut grass, you only need to empty the filter bag at the end – or throughout the process if you have a big garden. However, if you’ve been using a manual reel mower, you should ensure you’ve got a leaf blower at the ready, such as However, you can use the cut grass in your compost bin to enrich the soil in future. For the time being, it’s crucial to clean your lawn and help it find it green color back.

Know how and when to water it

Finally, as the heatwave is here to stay for a little longer, you need to establish watering strategies to avoid putting your garden under further pressure from the dry and drought conditions. For instance, you probably know that you shouldn’t water during the day, but instead, wait for the evening when the weather is cool. But did you know that you shouldn’t use overhead watering which can cause plants to develop diseases? Instead, always water at the base of your plants, through drip irrigation or a nozzle.

Your garden has a hard time surviving the heatwave. It’s your responsibility to keep it green with careful trimming and watering. Don’t let the sun take all your beautiful greenness away!