What can a Landscape Gardener Offer?

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Do you look at your garden and think it needs a change? Do you think you should maybe start reading how to guides and buying in the supplies at the local shops to make a start on your garden before the summer kicks in? You could do this, or you could contact a landscape gardener who has all the gear and all the ideas. Below are some of the things they can do for you.


Do you have a garden you like to enjoy in the summer months? Or would you like to develop it so you could have more space for garden parties and bbqs? These events are always fun and memorable.

A landscape gardener can make a paver patio area for you at the back. A patio is an area of garden adjoined to the house that’s used for socialising. It is usually paved. Your landscaper will talk to you about the styles available.


If the patio option doesn’t suit your style or aims there’s always decking. Instead of slabs decking is made with wooden planks. The type of wood you choose and the size of the decking area will largely determine the price you pay for it.

A landscape gardener can install this decking for you. They will usually clear a space at the back and lay the planks just outside the patio doors so you and your guests have easy access to the house. Decking is an excellent alternative to slabs if you live in a drier climate – it’s also cheaper.

Raised beds

Raised beds can be for either flowers or vegetables. They are made using planks of wood shaped into boxes. Inside the beds there is soil that increases the height of the garden area. It gives you more space and protects it from pests.

Growing your own vegetables is a great way to supplement your diet with home grown produce. If you use high quality fertiliser and soil, the vegetables you produce will be high in nutrients to support your health.

A shingle path

No garden is complete without a garden path. You need a nice winding path to take you to the bottom of the garden where you can stand and admire the plants and flowers or take a look at your home from another perspective.

A landscape gardener is the person you want to create your garden path. They will have a range of garden paths available for you to choose from and hopefully you choose the shingle one. Shingle is a popular choice for several good reasons.

A garden pond

Water Features In the garden are a matter of taste and circumstances. Obviously if you have small children around you don’t want to install a large water feature like a pond — it could be dangerous.

On the other hand, if you have a garden and no kids, a pond or a fountain is an excellent way to bring relaxation and peace to your garden. The best way to have one installed is to contact a landscape gardener.