Low-cost solutions to an ugly yard

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Grass is always greener than the other side. Your neighbors should think like that when they see your yard, not the opposite way. If you doubt that your lawn is not stunning enough to wow your neighbors, then you should revamp it, because you know, a lawn speaks for the home and yourself too.

Making over your front or backyard is not simple, but it is also not so complicated that you have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a company to do it for you. In fact, you can renovate your lawn without spending any penny with our tips.

Here are some tips that fancy up your lawn on a low budget. Read on!

A healthy lawn is the priority

A green lawn doesn’t stand out but a brown, dry and dying one can draw a lot of attention. You don’t want your yard to lose its greenness for the sake of your home’s appearance. Growing a greener lawn is difficult work, but I know you get the hang of it soon.

Aerate your lawn:

Your lawn is usually the place where your family gathers, where the kids and the pets run around all day long, so the soil beneath it can become very compact, which causes a lot of problems to the air circulation, nutrient absorption and water drainage.

So once a year, you should aerate your lawn, which means making 3-inch deep holes around the lawn. This creates better air circulation and helps the soil absorb water and nutrients easily. Those who have small to medium lawn can use handheld aerators while bigger lawns may need a large aerator

Cut your grass properly:

Cutting your grass too short can expose the roots to the sun, which makes it dry and brown. Letting it overgrow may give you more work to do with the grass clippings and clean-ups afterward. Overgrown grass can block the sunlight from getting to the roots too.

That’s why knowing when to cut your grass is essential. Each kind of grass has its own ideal cutting height that ensure a healthy growth and existence. The rule of thumb is: Never cut more than one third of the grass blades.

If you don’t have a mower yet, look for one that has the suitable cutting heights for the grass you are dealing with. You can have a lawn mower for just under $100.

Water your lawn deeply once every week

Instead of turning on the sprinkle system for a few minutes several times a week, you should water the lawn with more water for just once a week. If you soak your lawn with 1-inch of water every week, the roots are growing deeper and their survival rate during hot summer will increase.

Plant some flowers and trees

In fact this tip works everywhere, either outside your garden, or inside your living room and office. Flowers and trees are just so wonderful, they have the magic to make everything more lovely.

When choosing flowers and trees for your lawn, make sure that you pick the kinds that can survive the climate where you live. Pay attention to their water and lighting needs so that they can shine all year long.

Add landscape lighting to your yard

It is a pity if your beautiful yard can only showcase itself for a few hours of sunlight everyday. Noone can tell you which kinds of lights are more suitable for your yard, it’s up to you. However make sure that you light up the driveway, doorway and porch, desk properly.

Use more artistic landscaping lighting to highlight your trees, shrubs or your favorite flowers. However, keep the light moderate so that you won’t disturb your neighbors’ sleep.

Furnish your yard

Why even make an effort to make up your yard if you don’t intend to enjoy it? A patio can actually complement your lawn in the most unexpected way. A table and a few chairs can make a difference. If you want to take things to the next level, install a hammock or a swing which can give the feeling of being close to nature.

Moreover, if you have a get-together at your home, your guests can adore your lovely yard to the fullest while barbecuing or drinking.


A lawn represents your home, and your personality. So don’t let it dry and brown. Revamping a yard is not an easy job, but you don’t need the help of an expensive landscaping company to do the work for you.

You can do it yourself at zero cost and with little sweat. Thank you for reading and I hope you find these tips useful. Happy gardening and see you in the next post!