Protecting your Investment: How to Maintain your Commercial Premises

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There are at least two very valid reasons why you want to keep on top of maintenance at your business premises, firstly, to protect your investment in property and equipment, secondly, to ensure that you give visitors the right impression about your business.

Poorly maintained business premises send off the wrong message about how you run your company and, just as importantly, if you don’t follow a regular maintenance schedule you are running the risk of a small issue turning into a much bigger and more expensive problem.

Things like yard drainage issues need to sorted out as quickly as possible and this proactive approach should prove to kinder to your bottom line in the long run.

Here are some pointers on how to manage the maintenance of your commercial premises.

Keep your drainage system in good working order

You might not spare much of a thought about drainage during the normal course of running your business but you will soon know all about it if the drains stop working or overflow.

There is little doubt that keeping your drain system in excellent working order is a great idea and will end up saving you money in the long run.

Grease and food residue are common causes of blocked drains and leaves and general debris outside can soon block a drain and cause it to back up if you don’t clear these potential blockages away as soon as possible.

Aim to encourage responsible use of your drains by encouraging employees to think about what they are putting down the drain. Also, get your drains and covers checked and cleaned regularly so that you can spot any potential issues at an early stage.

Look after your fixtures

It is far too easy to get behind with maintenance tasks and before you know it your building is starting to look a bit tired and even a bit scruffy, which is not an appearance you want to encourage.

Fixing and maintaining your fixings is not an arduous task if you commit to regular inspections and don’t ignore any damaged or broken items.

It won’t take much time or money to fix broken lights, damaged door handles and window locks but it will help keep your premises looking smart and keep them safe at the same time.

Make safety a top priority

As custodian of the building, you want to ensure that the occupants and the building itself are as safe as possible.

A monthly safety audit would be a good idea so that you can make sure that safety systems such as emergency lighting and fire detectors are working properly. Checking everything is in good working order will keep the prospect of an accident to a minimum and protect your building from disastrous damage if a fire breaks out, for example.

Keep pests under control

It is incredible how much damage rodents can do to a building if they are allowed to carry on with their path of destruction unchecked.

Any sort of pest infestation from rodents to insects can present a severe threat to the safety and integrity of the building.

Once pests have gained control of the building you will be facing a major upheaval to get rid of them and it could prove very disruptive to your business. It is far better to keep on top of pest control and carry out regular checks so that you can deal with any infestations at an early stage.

Think about updating and remodeling

Another aspect of property maintenance that you might be tempted to delay is carrying out any improvements and updates to the decor and the building itself.

Commercial property can soon look very tired and unloved if you don’t replace worn carpets, give the walls and ceilings a fresh coat of paint when they need it, and do some remodeling from time to time.

A good attitude to adopt would be to keep your business premises as well-maintained and fresh looking as you would want to do with your own home.

Taking that same level of pride in its appearance will help to make sure that your commercial property continues to look good and holds its value nicely.

Get your HVAC system checked

You will want to ensure that your building maintains the right temperature, both during the cold winter months and also in the summer period, which is why it is wise to look after your HVAC system.

Carry out regular inspections of the filter and replace where necessary. The system will also need rebalancing to keep it in prime condition, something which normally requires professional help.

An HVAC maintenance contract could be a good idea and your building and its occupants will be grateful for this initiative.

Reduce the prospect of a fire

One of the major causes of fires in commercial premises is electrical faults.

Arrange to get your wiring system and appliances in the building checked by an electrician and this testing process should be carried out annually at the very least.

There are so many aspects of the building and the appliances housed within it that are susceptible to electrical damage if they are not checked and maintained. You won’t need to be told how damaging it will be to suffer an electrical fire in the building and the thought of that should provide enough motivation to arrange a regular check of your wiring and appliances.

Make sure your building is functioning properly at all times

Public areas such as restrooms and facilities such as elevators are fundamental to the functionality of the building and the comfort of its occupants.

Maintenance of these key areas should be a top priority and will help keep your building in the best shape at all times.

The most efficient way of preserving the value of your commercial premises and keeping it safe is to have a comprehensive program of regular maintenance that covers all aspects of the building.

Having this routine will normally prove to be the most cost-effective strategy for keeping your premises looking neat and tidy and sending out the right message about your business when visitors come calling.