How To Make Your Garden Eco-Friendly

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If you have just moved into a new property and want to make the outside area your own, or you already have your own and want to change things up a bit, then you may want to consider creating an eco-friendly garden. With environmental issues taking center stage across the globe these days, we should be doing our bit in every aspect of our lives. The garden is no exception.

When you see the words eco-friendly garden, you probably imagine a wild overgrown mess. Nature taking over and smothering your garden. That doesn’t have to be the case though, as there are ways of creating a beautiful well-kept garden that utilizes innovative design and ethically sourced materials.

Reuse Materials

Landscaping your garden using as many reclaimed items is a great way of saving materials that would be destined for landfill. Think about breaking down pallets to create border edging or planters.

There are loads of great pieces of things that would usually end up as rubbish that can make great plant pots. Think about using baths and kitchen sinks to create an exciting feature. You may want to use any old pieces of wood or stonework that you find in a reclamation yard to create dividers, or paving. Anything is possible if you are creative enough to see their new potential.

Save Water

Conserving water is essential, and with that in mind, you should look at getting a downpipe and water butt to catch rainwater. This will be a great supply that you can utilize to water your garden during drier spells.

Don’t use a sprinkler. And when you do water your plants, make sure it is the roots that are getting the water, rather than the leaves. This will help to make your water butt supply go further.

Cut The Chemicals

If you are using chemicals to remove pests in your garden, stop. There are natural ways to deter the types of insects and animals that might be killing your crops. Think about spraying your plants with garlic to ward off any bugs. Getting a bird table can be useful as pretty soon your visitors will start feeding off any insects that would otherwise be terrorizing your garden.

Weeds can be killed in a natural way. Cover around your plants with compost and shredded bark. This will not only stop the weeds, but it will keep them warm when the cold sets in.

Make Compost

Keep all of your lawn cuttings; any leaves that you sweep up, as well as all of your vegetable peelings, vacuum cleaner contents, shredded newspaper, egg cartons, and tea bags. Throw them all into a heap and wait for your free compost to appear.

Attract Wildlife To Your Garden

Helping to create an environment where insects and animals can thrive can be helpful too. Think about planting the types of plants that will attract bees in particular to your garden. These are one of the most essential creatures in nature as they help pollination.