5 Natural Pest Control Solutions For Your Garden

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Keen gardeners know that pests are an unwelcome addition to a well kept lawn. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours perfecting your garden only to have pests arrive and destroy all that hard work! Aphids are an issue because they pierce leaves and then suck out the sap. This causes disease to spread and your plants to become weak. Then there are those pests like caterpillars and beetles which eat leaves, not to mention locusts which chew the edges of seedlings.

No matter which kinds of pests that you are having trouble with, it’s likely you’ll want a solution fast. The main issue is that conventional insecticides contain nasty chemicals that you won’t want on your lovely plants and veggies. For a few natural DIY solutions, try using these five ideas.

1 . Oil-based spray

It’s simple to make yourself a DIY insecticide using a little vegetable oil and some castile soap. Mix one tablespoon of soap and a cup of vegetable oil together in a spray bottle. Add water, shake the mix, and get ready to rid yourself of those pesky insects! Spray the oil mix onto the plants that pests are targeting, don’t use too much as you won’t want to overpower the plants.

2. Garlic spray

When all else fails, raid your cupboards for some garlic and use it to banish those bugs fast. Get yourself two bulbs of garlic and use a food processor to mix them up into a puree. Next, add water and vegetable oil. After a day or two of spraying this stuff on your plants, you’ll soon start to notice the difference.

3. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a beautiful flower to grow in your garden, but did you also know that these have some excellent pest-controlling capabilities? These flowers produce a chemical called ‘pyrethrin,’ which is highly effective in getting rid of pests. You can buy Chrysanthemum powder that you can sprinkle on your plants, or you can simply plant a few chrysanthemums around your garden. The active ingredient ‘pyrethrin’ does not harm birds or mammals. For this reason, it’s an ideal solution for the plants and trees in your garden. When you are adopting your pest control solutions, remember to check the health of your trees. Companies such as Moore’s Tree Service offer some great trimming and pruning services should you require this.

4. Neem oil

If you haven’t tried neem oil on your pest-prone plants yet, you’re really missing out! It’s a natural oil that is extracted from the Neem trees of India. Inside the leaves, there’s an ingredient called sallanin, which is highly effective for keeping mosquitoes at bay. With a natural and safe solution like this, you won’t risk doing any damage to your lovely plants.

With the springtime upon us, you’ll want to be able to enjoy your garden without pests ruining all of your fun. Thankfully, these five solutions are all you need to create a beautiful pest-free space.