Negative Effects For Health Of Social Isolation

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In the age of technology, more and more people feel isolated and lonely. With the spread of social desolation, this “epidemic of isolation” is leading to some serious health risks.

Many of you may wonder what will happen when you are confined to a small, unconnected place without any social connection for a while. What will happen if amid the intimacy versus isolation conflict, you let the battle triumph? Are there any changes to your body and mind?

If those questions still make you confused then our article may come in handy.

Negative Effects Of Social Isolation On Physical Health

In the modern world, many people opt for avoiding the crowd and spend more time by themselves instead. When being asked about the matter of intimacy versus isolation, surely they will pick the latter with no hesitation. Unbeknown to them, this kind of habit can be dangerous to their physical health.

Firstly, for social creatures like us, being isolated can negatively affect our physical health. Social isolation can lead to some of the serious health consequences such as coronary artery disease, stroke, heart diseases, and weakened immune systems.

Lack of interaction with others can cause a higher level of stress, poor sleep, and negative changes in lifestyle – which are considered fundamental threats associated with more serious diseases.

Plus, many of us are still unaware that “social recession” can have a significant impact on our physical condition. A number of health-related studies show that the risks posed by social isolation to our bodies are similar to other factors such as obesity, high blood pressure and smoking.

Negative Effects For Mental Health Of Social Isolation

Apparently, social relations can help us alleviate negative effects of social isolation, especially physical impacts on our body. How about our mind? Firstly, let’s look at the risks of social isolation to human mental health!

Undoubtedly, those less socially exposed will be at higher risk of facing depression, loneliness and anxiety. Many studies show, especially that of Erik Erikson about intimacy versus isolation, shows that a lack of connection with others may lead to serious psychological problems such as cognitive decline and stress.

As a human, we always belong to a dynamic society and rely on interacting, cooperating with others to survive. So, less social accountability will reduce the ability to cope with stress, problem-solving, and other mental issues.

Furthermore, being apart from others for a long time will make people easily hit the roof and unable to control their behaviors, leading to more social issues such as drug addicts, abuses, crime, to name but a few. Thus, social connection and interaction are not only vital to individuals but also important for civilized society.

According to Erikson’s studies, in the battle of intimacy versus isolation, if you have a strong connection with others, you will have a healthy and fulfilling social life. Otherwise, you will have to suffer from severe consequences. It means that a happy thriving social life will help you have a healthy body and mind.

End Thoughts

Undoubtedly, after reading this article, you can be aware of Negative Effects Of Social Isolation, as well as what to side with when the matter of intimacy versus isolation pops up. We hope you will understand the importance of social connection and its benefit to our physical and mental health.

So it’s for you to come out of your shell? Let’s call your friend or your loved ones, build a healthy social connection for a better life.