Lawn Care Tips: Picking the Correct Grass for Your Region

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Did you know there are many different types of grass you can use for a beautiful lawn? It’s not something we tend to think about – grass is just grass, isn’t it? Not exactly, for some grass types will grow better in different parts of the USA. This is because of climate and the type of soil, as well as other factors. What type of grass is best for your lawn? That’s what we will be looking at in the following article, so let’s start by describing some of the most popular types of grass.

Different Types of Grass

If you want some detailed information on how to grow a perfect lawn, we recommend you check out Greener Acres Lawn Care as they are experts on the subject and will be more than happy to help. So, what are the main types of grass for US lawns? Here are some of the most popular:

Bermuda Grass is known as a ‘warm season’ grass as it thrives in warmer climates. This type of grass is happy being mown very short and is perfect for lawns in the South. It’s widely used on golf courses for this reason. This is a high-maintenance type of grass that will require frequent mowing, watering and fertilizing yet provides a lush dark green lawn that is perfect to look at.

Centipede Grass is so called as it grows in a horizontal fashion forming a very dense lawn. Therefore, it needs less in the way of mowing than other types. This lawn also enjoys the Southern weather but does not like dry climates. It needs to be watered occasionally and is a relatively low maintenance type of grass that grows light green.

St Augustine Grass is a deep green type of lawn grass that is also for the warmer areas such as Florida and sometimes California. It will not tolerate cold weather. This slow growing grass does not need mowing often but will need plenty of water. The result is a nice mid-green colour and a spongy-feeling lawn that is pleasant and welcome.

Kentucky Bluegrass is the standard choice for the cooler northern states and provides a rich green covering of thick, fast-growing blades. Requiring average watering this is a grass that likes light and does not grow in shade and is most likely to be the one you buy as turf from a northern retailer. It can be cut short and is easy to grow from seed.

Ryegrass is another type suitable for northern climes and one that grows quickly and easily. This is a low maintenance grass that is popular for lawns and is often mixed as seed with Kentucky Bluegrass because the two are easy to grow. Great for suburban lawns, beware it may not tolerate the temperatures of the far north.

That’s a few of the more popular types of grass found in US lawns, so let’s finish with a look at a few handy tips on growing a lawn.

Lawn Care Tips

The widely varying climate across the USA means that there will be differences between lawns in many areas, yet they all require attention. Here’s some of the basic maintenance for lawns wherever you are:

  • Regular mowing is essential in keeping a lawn beautiful but be careful not to mow certain types too low.
  • Watering will be required in warmer and dry areas, and remember the water needs to get to the root and not just on the blades.
  • When very wet stay off the lawn to keep it from damage, and you’ll prolong its life this way.