Recycling Trees for Your Next Dream Home

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If you’re planning on building a new home or you’re just adding a new annex to your house, have you considered using the wood in your own backyard? Many people struggle to find the perfect timber, but sometimes the solution is staring at them, only a few feet away.

The immediate benefit of recycling your own trees is that you’ll probably save a lot of money, as timber can be expensive. As a consequence, your environmental impact is nearly zero, making it an eco-friendly solution. Recycling your trees might also be an opportunity to improve landscaping and create a more visually appealing home.

Imported Timber Can Be Quite Costly

Image via Flickr by Håkan Dahlström

Transportation costs can greatly influence the price of wood, so if you decide to buy timber from another state or country, it won’t be cheap. If you’re also looking for rare wood, then the price can increase substantially. It doesn’t make sense to spend a fortune on imported timber when you can find decent and healthy trees at home.

Removing Dead Trees Improves the Look of Your Home

When you decide to remove trees to start your new building project, remember that you can use the opportunity to do some landscaping work. It could be the perfect time to get rid of an overgrown tree that always needs pruning or a great time to remove a dead tree that’s become an eyesore. You’ll end up with free building materials and a more welcoming home.

You Might Be Able to Turn a Profit

Even if you’re not thinking about building a new home, you might have neighbors interested in buying your timber, especially if you have high-quality trees. If you just have a selection of dead trees, you can still find local sawmills and find out whether they’d like to buy the timber from you. Just remember you’ll probably need to hire someone to remove the trees for you.

Getting a Professional Assessment Is Essential

If you’re not a tree expert, it’s in your best interest to hire a certified arborist to assess your land and create a comprehensive report. You might learn that your trees are more valuable than you think or that they have an insect infestation and need to be removed immediately. You should try to find a local professional, whether that’s an Atlanta tree removal service or a Fulton County-based arborist.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Another factor to take into consideration is the environmental impact of your building project. When you choose to use your own timber instead of importing it, your carbon footprint is minimal, as there’s no transportation involved. In addition, if you try to put all the wood to good use, like building furniture for instance, you’ll also ensure that there’s no unnecessary waste.

Who would have thought that your own trees could offer so many benefits? Not only can you have most of the building materials for free, but you can also take on a building project in an eco-friendly way while making your home more attractive.