Sandfly Bbites Symptoms and Treatment

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You are just in the right place because I have researched a lot on sandfly bites and going to discuss all these flies in this article.

In the previous articles, I have discussed the ant bites, moth bites, gnat bites, cricket bites and dust mite bites. So, if you are looking for the treatment of other insects’ bites then you just need to visit my previous articles.

In this article, I will discuss the introduction to sandfly, sandfly bites, symptoms, and treatment. Let me discuss the sandfly bites in details. Stay with me!


Basically, the sandfly is not the name of a specific fly but it is a colloquial name to the flies that can bite and suck the blood. These flies live in sandy areas. These flies are also known as the horse flies in the united states. There are many other names used for these flies like a sand gnat, sandflea, Chitra, punky etc.

Do you want to identify them? In the size, the sandflies are 1/8 inches long. They have hairy and grey wings. The detailed appearance of these flies tells they have wings above their bodies in the V shape. You can find them active in the morning and the evening.

These flies love to live in moisturized areas like mud, in the roots of plants, etc. So, if you have these types of areas around your house, you can be affected by them.

Is sandfly bite or not?

The flies are always annoying. About the sandflies, there are a lot of questions in the mind of people. They just want to know that sandflies can bite or not, what is the treatment if they bite, and how to prevent these insects. To find the answers to all these questions, stay with me!

Sandfly Bites

There is famous research of the University of California. According to this research, more than 120000 species of flies exist in the world and most of the flies can bite and suck the blood of the human.

These flies can carry and transfer the diseases to humans as well as the animals. The diseases caused by these flies are known as the sandfly fever.

So, there is no doubt about sandfly bites. Basically, the female sandfly bites and suck the blood of human, animals, birds and other insects also. There are some proteins in the blood that is necessary to lay eggs for the female sandfly.

Like the mosquitoes, it is necessary for the female sandflies to suck the blood of humans and animals to lay eggs. After sucking the blood, they can lay eggs directly on the moisturized places. This is the only reason for their bites.

How to identify sandfly bite?

After biting you can know that which thing has sucked your blood because if you don’t know then you cannot prepare yourself for the treatment. So, there are some symptoms you can see after the Sandfly Bites.


In the general point of view of researchers, the sandfly bites are so painful and can leave the red circles on your skin. These red circles can become dangerous infections in the future. So, the treatment of infections is very necessary.

You should know that infections are not the only problem after the bites but you can face a lot of diseases like the parasitic disease. This disease is not common in the US but you can face it during the traveling to other countries.

Sometimes, you can cover these bites if you have the strong immune system or the fly could not transmit the disease properly but sometimes it can be a serious problem. So, you just know that there are no vaccinations to prevent these symptoms.


As I mentioned above, it is necessary to treat these bites. First of all, you have to avoid the bites of these flies. These flies are active in the dawn and dusk so you have to be careful in these times.

These flies can also act in the warm cloudy days. You have to take some extra caring steps in these days and you need to cover your skin with the clothes to avoid the bites of these flies.

How to treat?

So, there are two types of treatments you can apply to these bites. The first treatment is the first aid and the 2nd one is a long-term treatment.

To get rid of pain after the bites, you just need to rub the ice on your skin. Ice will give some relief to you instantly and you will forget the pain.

The other treatment is a long-term treatment. For this treatment, you have to go to the hospital and concern with the doctor. After some reports, the doctor will be able to write some tablets and injections for you. But you have to take this treatment to avoid any type of disease in the future.


In my point of view, you have to focus on the prevention rather than the cure. There is some useful information that will make you able to prevent these bites. If you are successful to prevent them, you can save your family as well as you. Let me discuss some prevention tips:

  • First of all, you have to avoid moisturized areas like the beach after the rain, mud, etc. These cool and moisturized temperatures can attract the flies to become active and bite humans and animals. So, you just need to visit these places in the warm and low humidity days.
  • If you are going to visit moisturized temperature areas, you just need to use the sprays or creams that are repellent to these insects.
  • You can cover your body with the proper clothes before going these types of areas. Just use clothes that can cover your whole body easily. The soft skin is the better target of the sandflies. So, you have to focus on the soft skin areas to cover your body.

I hope you will be able to prevent sandfly bites after applying the above-mentioned tips. If you have any question, leave a comment.

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