Schuurmachine Professioneel Kopen- How to Choose the Right Type?

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Carpentry projects are considered to be one of homeowners’ dearest ways of spending their spare time. Each new project gives them a chance to test their DIY skills while improving the overall look of the wooden elements in their homes.

However, in order for your carpentry project to yield successful results, you’re supposed to employ the right tools and materials. Actually, sanders are known as one of the Beste Gereedschappen  for this job, coming in a wide range of models on the market.

The following tips will help you make the right choice.

The belt type

As its name suggests, this type of sander employs a belt of sandpaper, placed between two drums, rotated by a motor. Although the movements of this tool are restricted in one direction, it’s capable of removing a lot of wood in comparison with the other variants.

Due to its strong power, it’s best to be used in the first phase of your sanding project, as otherwise the surface won’t end up looking the way you imagined it. If your project involves polishing a large flat surface, then the belt variant is the tool you’re looking for.

Moreover, it can be used for smaller surfaces as well, as long as you have a solid control over it. Anyhow, depending on the smoothness you’re trying to achieve, you’ll have to employ another sander to get the job done. Bear in mind that purchasing this type of tool is rather costly, which is why a better alternative would be renting it or borrowing it from a friend.

The orbital vs random orbital type

Unlike the belt variant, the orbital type is more convenient for smoother wood polishing. It performs circular movements which don’t remove the material as fast as the belt sander, but are definitely less rough.

Although it was considered to be rather popular in the past, nowadays it’s increasingly getting replaced by the random orbital model, which has the speed of the belt model, but the smoothness of the orbital one.  Therefore, craftsmen think of it as the most convenient tool for their projects. You’re no longer required to switch tools, as this one is capable of helping you to get the job done.

The best thing about the random orbital sander, is that it provides craftsmen with the possibility to use a wide range of sandpapers in accordance with the effect they intend to achieve. Click here  to learn more about the difference between various grits of sandpaper.  Although it’s predominantly used for polishing wood, it can be used to smooth other materials, such as plastic and steel.

The palm type

The palm sander is smaller in size in comparison with the other models, which makes it ideal to fit in your palm. As a result of being extremely light in weight, you’re able to use it with one hand only, which isn’t the case with the above-mentioned models.

In terms of power and speed, it may not have the required features to be used like an industrial tool, but it’s certainly convenient for home projects. In fact, most homeowners have one, as it’s easy to operate as well as incredibly cheap to purchase. There isn’t a spot that you can’t reach with this tool, which makes it perfect for paint removal from wooden doors and windows.

The detail vs file type

The detail sander is almost identical to the palm one, except for its head in the form of a triangle. This variant is even more convenient for hard-reaching spots and corners, owing to its triangular shape. Whenever you’re supposed to polish or remove paint from the space between the spokes of your chairs or between the stair railings, this model will be able to fit in the tight space without causing you any trouble.

In case you wish to be even more precise when it comes to accessing narrow spots, the file sander would be the right choice, owing to its shape in the form of a finger. Both variants are equipped with a range of speeds, allowing you to select the one that suits you the best.

The floor type

In case you wish to restore the shine of your old floors, then sanding them would be the initial step of the whole procedure. However, considering that the above-mentioned variants are all hand-held tools, you would need a floor sander, particularly designed for this purpose.

Moreover, this tool is rather simple to operate, as you’re just required to turn it on and move with it across the room. Visit this link:, for tips on how to sand your hardwood floors.

Wrap up

Choosing the right sander is the crucial factor for your carpentry project.

Pick the one compatible with your goal!