Services Offered by Pest Control Companies

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Pests are destructive, nuisance-causing and potentially dangerous animals. They include fleas, rodents, millipedes, cockroaches, termites, beetles, bed bugs, snakes, spiders and so on. Living in a pest-infested home can be very frustrating. Most people also find pests repulsive and scary too which means having pest all around can have adverse psychological effects too. Pests can be harmful to life and destructive to properties as well.

In simple terms, no one wants insects around their home, office or establishment. Hence, when you find pests around, your best bet will be to call a professional exterminator Calgary to get rid of them.

Pest and insect exterminator companies are companies that render various services ranging from outright prevention, to control and complete removal of pests of various types and species. They are professionals in the field and this means they typically have all the tools, equipment and materials for quick and efficient removal of pests. However, before you hire the services of pests and insect exterminator companies, you must know the types of pest and insect exterminating services they offer. At the most basic level, we can divide the services offered by pest control companies into two broad categories based on where they service:

  1. Residential Services: as the name implies these are services rendered by these companies to give you a pest-free residence. Having an infestation in your home is a scary experience but these companies help relieve the stress of having to tirelessly deal with them on your own. Residential pest control services can be in the form of routine services or scheduled based on your needs. Companies that offer these types of services cover vacation homes, single-family residences, mobile homes, townhomes and so on.
  2. Commercial or industrial Services: commercial and industrial properties are not immune to insects and pests too. This can be rodents, reptiles or insects and bugs. Because commercial properties such as warehouses, office complexes, hotels, and warehouses are large, companies that deal with this kind of services must be equipped for large scale projects. Also, because most commercial establishments such as restaurants are bound by law to keep pests away, they have to constantly engage the services of pest exterminator companies. Hence, services for commercial properties are mostly on a routine. This can be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or as agreed by the client and exterminator company.

It is important when hiring a pest control company that you are aware of the type of services they specialize in. While some companies offer both residential and commercial services, some companies are only equipped for just one type. You might not get a satisfactory service if you hire such companies for a service they are not equipped for. Services offered can also vary in terms of whether they are removing (or trapping), exterminating or simply preventing an infestation.

  • Pest Prevention Services: this types of service is offered to prevent an infestation entirely rather than simply manage it. This type of service is carried out when there are no pests or insects yet. Pest prevention services will stop pests from appearing at all and taking over your home or commercial building. It is cheaper, more convenient and your damage to your property is avoided entirely. You can set up a routine prevention service for your building rather than wait until the problem occurs.

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  • Pest Removal Services: this is done when there is an infestation of pests already. However, the aim here is not really to kill them but to remove them from your property and have them relocated. This mostly targets large animals such as rats, squirrels, birds and so on who have made a home on your property. For faster removal, you should be able to identify the animal in question before you call the experts. This way, when they arrive, the technician simply set up traps and baits to catch and relocate them.
  • Pest extermination Services: this is a more common form of pest control service. Insects like bedbugs, wood mites, cockroaches and so on require the services of an expert exterminator who will take care of them using chemicals designed for that purpose.


Most pest control companies offer both preventive and removal services. This can be for either residential or commercial properties. While you might be tempted to simply attack and remove pests on your own using over the counter pest control chemicals, hiring a professional for the job is always advisable. Not only is this more effective in the long run but it is also safer at the end of the day.