Six Steps to Entertain in your Winter Garden

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As the summer begins to turn, many gardeners might think their days of hosting guests are coming to an end. However, there are numerous ways to keep you and your pals cozy this winter while enjoying the fresh air in your garden!

Gardening is all about gathering a community. Check out our tips below for rounding up your circle of friends as the temperature begins to drop.

      1. Jacuzzi

There is nothing more luxurious than soaking in a wood fired hot tub during the coldest nights. With whirlpools that can seat up to eight people, you’ll be able to create the best garden parties all year round.

Hot tubs also offer several health benefits like easing joint pain. Make sure you read about any risks beforehand to ensure the safety of your friends. Otherwise, grab your swimsuits and enjoy the view!

      2. Fire Pit

Garden fire pits can turn any backyard into a camping trip worthy of your childhood memories. There’s no reason to stay inside when it gets chilly! This addition to your estate will delight any child or adult.

Grab your comfiest chairs and tell your spookiest stories around the fire. Top it off with some marshmallows for roasting and you’ll never want to call it a night.

      3. Portable Patio Heaters

If a sit down dinner is more your style, you can remain entertaining in your beautiful outdoors with the help of porch heaters.

No more cocktail party faux pas where your company is shivering in disbelief; leave the clunky coats at the door and exit out into a surprisingly warm oasis.

Fancy an after-dinner drinks deeper into the garden? Simply rearrange your portable heaters.

      4. Outdoor Lighting

Ambience is always key to any outdoor party, especially during the cooler months. You want to make your outside space seem cozy and comfortable despite the harsh temperature.

Solar panel wall lights are a great way to combat the dark. These are powered by small solar panels on top of each fixture; they line your deck or illuminate your garden.

Solar panel lights even work during the snowy months as long as there is some sun throughout the day. If you’re worried that the solar panels will look ugly and stick out, know that there are plenty of contemporary and even rustic styles to choose from.

      5. Gazebo

Despite the fun of snow angels and the friendly competition of snowball fights, not everyone wants to be outside while those white flakes flutter down. However, you might be able to convince your visitors to chill under the shelter of your swanky garden hut.

We suggest decking it out with the space heaters and beautiful lighting you acquired earlier. This way, you all can appreciate the lovely scene of snow delicately collecting on your plants without feeling chilled to the bone.

Definitely make sure your gazebo is waterproof so you’re prepared for all types of winter weather!

      6. Warm Food

Warm food is the perfect way to lure guests into your garden for festivities. With your last harvest of your summer vegetables, create delicious dinners to keep things toasty. Preparing warm, healthy recipes is a wonderful alternative to serving alcoholic beverages if you’re hosting a family-friendly gathering. Have your friends over early and make the meal preparation part of the party!


Gardens are a source of pride and joy for many. You shouldn’t have to stay cooped up inside for months out of the year when the days get shorter. These are a few ways to maintain a welcoming environment outside during the cooler seasons. Follow these steps to make your outdoor space into a winter wonderland!