Some Useful Tips To Have A Proper Lawn Mower Maintenance Schedule

Why do we need to maintain our lawn mower?

Depending on the frequently of use and the environment in your area, your lawn mower might need a proper lawn mower maintenance schedule to protect it from the unexpected damages. Like the other kinds of machine, lawn mower also need to be restart properly after a long period stop working. If you only use your mower seasonally in the summer months, and then put it into the storehouse in a long time, before the next use; it’s important to take some lawn mower maintenance steps before placing your mower in the storage, as well as before the first using after a long storing time. Whether your lawn mower is a push mower or a reel mower with expensive price, it always need a suitable maintenance schedule to increase the longevity of using.

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Maintenance steps before starting your lawn mower after a long time storage

When you intend to take your lawn mower out of the storehouse, please do not forget to perform the maintenance steps below to help it operate smoothly and reduce the damage chances. You can perform these maintenance steps by yourself at home, or bring it to a lawn mower shop and buy a lawn mower maintenance service. Nowadays, almost every lawn mower store also provide the lawn mower service, for example: lawn mower tips, lawn mower repair, lawn mower maintenance… and it may help you save your time and effort significantly.

Lawn mower maintenance

Step 1: check the fuel tank

Please do not use the residual fuel in the fuel tank after a long storing time, especially after the winter time. Because the water might condense inside of the tank, and dilute your fuel, then damaging the engine of your lawn mower if you use it. So, clean the fuel tank, and then refill it before using, with the proper kind of fuel, which was recommended by the manufacturer. If you use an electric push mower, you can skip this step.

Step 2: replace the air conditioning filter

Air conditioning filter should be replaced every three months, or even two months in heavy use condition, to maintain the good status for your lawn mower. You can buy a new air conditioning filter of lawn mower easily in every lawn mower store.

Step 3: check the cutting blade

This time is a perfect chance to sharpen your cutting edge. Because after a long time storing, the metal of the blade might be oxidized, and it made the blade become dull, then the blade will be broken easier when using. So, sharpening the blade at this time will help to increase the efficiency of your lawn mower, as well as reduce the damage chances of the blade.

Step 4: clean all connections of your lawn mower

The metal of the connections might also be oxidized after a long time in storehouse. So, please check all of them before starting the machine. If they were oxidized, use the sandpaper to remove the rust. It will help to save the electricity, and decrease the heat during the operation of the machine, thereby increase the longevity of your lawn mower.

Lawn Mower Maintenance steps after each time of use

how to maintain lawn mower

Step 1: clean your lawn mower after each time of use

Please remember that you need to clean your lawn mower properly after each time of use. If you do not perform this task, the dirt and water will create a perfect environment for oxidation, and your lawn mower will be harmed significantly. So, after each time using, wait for the machine of your lawn mower cool down, then detach the cutting blade and other components, and clean the gap between the machine carefully to remove all dirt and water inside. The cutting edge should be clean also. After that, put your lawn mower in a dry place within two hours, to make sure that it is totally dry, before reassembling it and storing it into warehouse.

Step 2: consider taking out the fuel

As we mention above, residual fuel may harm the engine in the next time using. So, if you intend to store your lawn mower in a longer period than one month, please consider taking out the fuel, and store it in a separate tank. Then you can use this fuel normally in the next time.

Step 3: store your lawn mower in a dry place

We can understand this point easily, because moisture is the enemy of metal component. So, store your lawn mower in a dry place will help to protect the cutting edge and the engine of your lawn mower from the rust and oxidation effectively.


After reading this article, I think that you may have the answer for the big question “How to maintain lawn mower?” There are one important thing I would like to remind you, that is the time you take your lawn mower out of the storehouse and the time after using it are two effective times to perform the maintenance for your lawn mower. If you have a proper lawn mower maintenance schedule, and follow all the lawn mower maintenance tips in this article, I can make sure that the longevity of your lawn mower will be increased dramatically.

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