Will a Sprinkler Pay for Itself in Denver?

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Sprinkler systems benefit schools, public places, commercial buildings, and residential areas. Not only do they make lawns and gardens look beautiful and thrive, but sprinkler systems can also have short-term and long-term benefits. Although you might think that a sprinkler system can be expensive, by installing a sprinkler system in your Denver home or property, you will find that eventually, your sprinkler will pay for itself.

Proper system maintenance

By having proper system maintenance, you can help your sprinkler system pay for itself. Some steps to take for proper system maintenance might include regularly checking for leaks and broken sprinkler heads throughout the watering season.

You can also ensure that heads are at the proper level which is ground level. You never want your sprinkler heads to be too high or too low. They should always be straight and not leaning or blocked by tall grasses or plants as this can cause wasted water. Generally, spray heads that mist or fog can be an indicator that you have the water pressure too high. Anytime you have excess water being pushed out of the system, you are wasting water.

Along with proper system maintenance, installing pressure-regulating devices will also help to save water and allow a sprinkler system to pay for itself. This is because pressure-regulating devices apply water directly to the plants rather than on spaces without anything growing. Replacing old nozzles with high-efficiency nozzles is a cheap way to save a large amount of money in the long run.

Programing your system properly

Sprinkler systems have a device that allows it to be set for a specific time and for a specific duration. By programing your system the right way, you will save money. Always adjust the amount of water you want to be delivered based on the time of year. This will also coincide with natural precipitation and your plant’s needs.

Generally, shady areas will need much less water than lawns or plants in hot and sunny areas. This can greatly change with the seasons as well. Spring and fall seasons require much less water than the hot summer months due to natural rainfall. It is also important to adjust your sprinkler timer within the different cycles of your lawn or landscaping. When plants become established, they might require less water than when they are germinating or growing.

One good way to be sure you have programmed your system properly is to check your soil before it is planned to be watered. Insert a screwdriver in the soil and if you can push it in easily, you will know that you do not need to water. In order to have your sprinkler system be working in the most economical way, it is good to do these tests so you can properly understand your garden or lawn needs, and also have your system work in the most economical way.

Avoiding fines by adhering to drought restrictions

Denver has been known to fall into droughts, and often during these times, water providers might have mandatory or voluntary watering restrictions. Check in with your local water provider to find out what restrictions apply to you, as this can help you to avoid fines.

Often during periods of drought, you may only be allowed to water for a specific amount of time daily, and you can time your sprinkler system to operate during that time. If you can, try to water outside of the heat of the day. This generally means to avoid watering from 10 am-6 pm, and while rainy or windy. You can adjust your timer to follow drought guidelines and water efficiently during times of restrictions.

Fire safety

Sprinkler systems can bring an extra level of safety to your home regarding fires. If you have a fire start in your home, your sprinkler system can put out the flames before they cause even more costly damage. Homes without sprinkler systems often will need to fight with simply a hose before the fire crew arrives. If your home has a large fire that can be prevented by a sprinkler system, then in the long term, you could save a huge amount in fire reconstruction fees.

Lower insurance rates

The financial loss from a fire is around 90% lower in homes with a sprinkler system. Due to this, homes with an installed sprinkler system often qualify for lower-cost homeowner’s insurance. Since these systems will help to regulate the amount of damage that occurs due to a possible fire, your insurance company supports you in having this system and will offer you a lower insurance rate.

Increased property values

If you ever plan to sell your home in the future, having a sprinkler system could make you money. This is because homes with sprinkler systems fetch higher property values. Therefore, if eventually, you choose to move and sell your property, you will qualify for higher resale value. This can be a huge selling point for many potential buyers and can be a large marketing point in your home sale.

You get what you pay for

By investing in a high-quality sprinkler system, you might feel that the initial cost is expensive, but you will save in the long run. Higher cost and quality systems generally need fewer repairs and offer less of a chance for wasted water. By maintaining a level of high-quality products from your system, to the replacement heads and nozzles, you can ensure your system will pay for itself as the years go on.

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