How To Take Care and Maintain Jade Plants By Yourself

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Jade plants are succulent plants and have thick stems and plump leaves. These plants have green and glossy leaves that make them look remarkable. The ideal location to grow Jade Plants is where there is a mild climate and large shrubs as this plant grows better in these conditions.

Many people enjoy growing jade plants in their homes and offices, and they are considered to be symbols of good luck. If you believe in such things, you can choose to grow jade plants.

It is essential to take care of jade plants regularly. Undoubtedly, it is a simple task to do that. However, many people still confront issues regarding it as they do not have a piece of prior gardening knowledge. This guide can be helpful for you in this regard.

Taking Care Of Jade Plants:

There are four most important things to consider while taking care of jade plants. These things include top-notch drainage, adequate sunlight, feeding the plant, and pruning it correctly. Keep these four factors in mind, and it will be an unchallenging task to take care of jade plants.

Top-Notch Drainage:

One of the essential things to remember when taking care of the jade plants is to ensure that the pot and the pot mixing have fine drainage. It is important because keeping the soil too wet for a prolonged period of time can deteriorate the plant’s situation. It can cause root rot and can make the plump leaves get shrunk or withered as well. To ensure that the soil is not wet, you will need to check it by keeping a hand on the soil. Water it only if it is dry.

Moreover, you will also need to ensure that you do not water your jade plant a lot during the winters. During winters, it requires less water to thrive.

How To Create a Drainage Layer:

It is pretty simple to create a drainage layer. All you need to do is add some form of a medium at the bottom of a pot to have good drainage. You can add pebbles, pumice, stones, whatever you prefer. However, you need to adjust it before adding the soil.

Relying on the soil is not a good option. This is because the water can not pass through the soil easily. Using pebbles can be a great option. It will allow water to pass more quickly and ultimately create an excellent drainage system so that the water doesn’t stay for an extended period inside the pot. All of the water may not leave the pot, but still, it will be better for the plant and its roots.

Adequate Sunlight:

Every plant needs a specific amount of sunlight to grow and survive. The same goes for the jade plant. You must make sure that it gets sufficient sunlight each day. The best thing is, Jade does not require a lot of hours of sunlight. You only need to ensure that it gets a little bit of it, and you are good to go.

But what will be the consequences of not providing the plant with enough sunlight? Well, it can become a haven for insects, bugs, and spiders. These insects and bugs can create problems for you, especially if you are growing jade plants indoors. Therefore, make sure it just gets an adequate amount of sunlight. You do not need to keep it for long hours under sunlight.

Feeding The Jade Plant:

Providing adequate sunlight and watering the jade plant regularly may not be enough. In fact, nourishing the jade plant is also crucial for it to grow and thrive. You must ensure that you feed your adorable jade plants at least every 3 to 4 months. It is required for better growth. In addition to this, you may also need to provide your jade plants frequently, especially during the active growing season.

It is very easy to feed your plant. Just water your jade plant as you always do, and right after that, add a fertilizer solution. It is essential to add fertilizers when your soil is wet. If you add it while the soil is dry, the things may aggravate and destroy your plant’s roots.

Pruning The Jade Plant:

Pruning the jade plant is also an important factor to consider while taking care of it. As this plant grows, it becomes challenging to handle itself due to the heavyweight. Therefore, pruning it in the right way and at the right time will increase its life and make it healthier. With a little effort you can always learn how to prune a jade plant.

Tools you may need to prune the jade plants are gloves and sharp garden shears. It is simple and straightforward.

These guidelines are helpful for those thinking of taking care of their jade plants by themselves. Moreover, if you want your plant to grow healthily, you must keep all of the aforementioned factors in your mind.