5 Tips to Maintain Your Lawn Like a Pro

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A healthy, green lawn is the envy of many neighbors. If your lawn isn’t healthy and green, it makes a huge impact on how your house looks. Use the tips here to start taking care of the lawn like a pro and ensure the grass looks healthy and green.

Use the Right Fertilizers for Greener Grass

The right fertilizers can help the grass grow healthier and ensure it has all of the nutrients it needs to fight off the weeds that threaten to overtake the lawn. Go to check out the various fertilizers available today and choose one with natural ingredients that are combined to give the grass everything it needs to be healthy and grow better. Use the fertilizer regularly to ensure the grass receives the nutrients it needs throughout the year.

Aerate the Lawn Routinely

Although grass roots are in the ground, they still need access to oxygen as well as the ability to take in water and nutrients. Good fertilizer doesn’t work at all if the grass can’t access it. Aerating the soil helps to get rid of compaction in the grass, helps remove some of the thatch, and makes it easier for the lawn to get everything it needs to grow healthy and green. Aerate the lawn yearly in the fall to help it grow better and be as healthy as possible.

Water Less Often, but Use More Water

Watering is often a source of issue for homeowners. How much water should be used? How often should the grass be watered? For most lawns, just one or two inches is all that’s needed per week. It’s better to water less often but use more water. It’s also a good idea to water at the right time of day to prevent water loss through evaporation. Water the lawn early in the morning, so the grass is dry by the evening.

Leave Grass Clippings in the Yard

Cleaning up the grass clippings after mowing or catching them in a bag while mowing isn’t really necessary. In fact, it’s a good idea to go ahead and leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The grass clippings will break down, sending nutrients back to the roots of the grass. Plus, this helps to act as a mulch for the grass so it can retain water better and stay greener. When the grass is mowed at the right time and to the right height, the amount of grass clippings is perfect for the yard and won’t damage the yard.

Mow to the Right Height

Mowing properly is crucial for a greener yard. When mowing, it’s best to only remove around 1/3 of the top of the grass. This should be done frequently enough that the grass remaining is around 2 ½ to 3 inches tall. While this may seem a little tall, this actually helps provide more shade for the ground, making it more difficult for weeds to grow. Time mowing the yard to meet these requirements and to avoid mowing the yard too often.

If you’re worried about how your yard works, use these tips to make sure the grass is as healthy and green as possible. Mowing, watering, fertilizing and more can all have a huge impact on how the lawn looks and how healthy it is throughout the year.