Tips To Pest-Proof Your Garden In Winter

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If you are an avid gardening enthusiast, you will understand how much effort goes into keeping your green space in good shape. However, it is worthwhile because you can expect to see the rewards as beautiful blooms and fresh vegetables in your backyard. When it comes to garden care, watering, pruning, and nourishing the plants is only half the work done.

Keeping the place pest-proof is another vital aspect you cannot overlook. Also, don’t think that winter is the break time for pests and gardeners because these tiny intruders are as big a threat during the colder months. Going complacent with pest control during winters can land you in deep trouble, so you must take the right steps at this time of the year as well. Here are the ones that will keep your garden pest-proof.

Expose bugs to frost

Winter frost may be a concern for gardeners, but you can use it to your advantage while dealing with overwintering bugs. Just get them out of their hiding spaces under the soil and bring them to the surface, and frost will do the rest. Rake up the soil around the trees and bushes and remove fallen leaves to expose the garden pests hiding beneath. For rodents, just getting them out from their hibernation areas is enough. Once they come out, there is hardly a chance they will survive the icy grasp of frosty evenings. You will surely have fewer bugs to deal with once the summer arrives.

Clear away weeds

Weeds make a favourite hideout for overwintering pests, so you have one more good reason to get rid of them. It is a smart move because you end up clearing the bugs and removing their habitat too, which means that they will not have a place to come back to even in the upcoming spring season. Start early and remove weeds right at the beginning of the season, and you will have a pretty clear space throughout these months. Keep an eye on the plot and clear weeds just when you see them.

Seek professional help

You can do some DIY to keep your garden pest-free throughout the year. Garden pest control isn’t always a big challenge, and you can get some insights from to do it effectively. Conversely, you may consider seeking professional help if things seem tricky to handle during the winter months. Let experts inspect your garden once and provide requisite treatment if there is a need. It can save you from a lot of problems in the long run.

Feed the birds

You will be surprised to know that feeding the birds during cold days can help you with winter pest control for your green space. At this time of the year, insectivorous birds do not have much wild food, and the ground is hard. Inviting them to your garden with treats gets their attention towards grubs and bugs in the soil. Just expose them by turning the soil, and birds will feast on the pests.

Luckily, keeping your garden pest-safe in the colder months is much easier than you think. Just don’t believe that you can take it easy because bugs are hibernating. Make conscious efforts to clear them now, and you can have an easy summer ahead.