The Top 3 Reasons to Change Your Business Address before You Move

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Moving can be frustrating and tiring, but almost inevitable in life. Whether you’re moving into a townhouse, a studio, condominium or apartment, changing houses requires a lot of time and attention.

Moreover, even the most detail-oriented and meticulous persons can forget something when moving to a new home, place or city. However, the mistakes or lapses people make when moving often have serious consequences or cost them later on.

One costly mistake people tend to make is forgetting to change their address before moving. Changing your address to your new location isn’t just easy, but takes a few days to one week. However, changing your official post office address can take one month or more.

If you intend to relocate, usps address change becomes mandatory before moving. In many instances, you’ll wish you changed your address several weeks before relocating to your new home or town.

For instance, if you’re expecting a package, you might have to notify the courier and your seller to change your address details. Even so, changing your address after moving might mean you don’t receive your package in case of delays.

Trying to get the package can be tiring and incur extra expenses. Here are three other reasons to change your business address before moving:

3 Reasons to Change Your Address before Moving

 Obeying the Law

Many countries across the world require their residents and businesses to change their addresses and keep them up-to-date before moving. Government communications such as notifications and summons can be affected and thus require correct addresses at all times.

Accurate addresses are also important in determining accurate information often collected by the government such as population census data.

Online Transactions Billing Information

Today, people are buying things online and thus online transactions have become the order of the day. Credit card billing information can impact your online purchases approval.

Companies operating online and handling large transactions often verify client information. They verify if your billing address information matches your residential address.

Your transaction is likely not to go through if the two addresses don’t match. You won’t just lose the products you wanted to buy, but also that big discount you wanted to take advantage of.

Avoid Fraud

With advent of the internet, fraud has evolved and come in all forms. Criminals and scammers keep changing and inventing new ways of tricking people.

Change your address before moving to ensure criminals don’t get a hold of your previous address to commit crime. Changing your address the moment you decide to move ensures you protect yourself from identity theft and other forms of crimes.

After moving, you also need to update your driving license with the local government within one to three months. Apart from being a legal requirement, it notifies your creditors and government agencies of your new address.

Your driving license is sometimes used to identify you, hence the need to change your address before moving. Keeping your address up-to-date also ensures you get all your mails and packages on time and to the right address.

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