Top 5 Stealth Grow Box And Cabinets For Growing Weed

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Stealth growing refers to the process by which the weed is grown in a quiet way so that no one else could ever get a hint of what has been grown at your place along with the plants. This inconspicuous way can help you in maintaining the growth of weeds as a secret. The stealth grow cabinets are made in a way as to allow minimum light to enter the box and also the minimum amount of heat and smell to enter inside. These boxes or cabinets can be easily hidden. We have selected the best stealth to grow cabinets here for you so that you can review these cabinets and choose the best one for you as per your requirements and specifications which are as follows:

Super Closet Deluxe 3.0 LED Soil Grow Cabinet

It is best known for growing midsize weeds and the crop growing in this cabinet does not require anything else and it has an appearance similar to that of a locker that is used to keep at the gym. The striking features of this particular cabinet include the dual chamber, one of which is used for growing phase of the plant and the other is used when the plant is in its vegetative form.  It can allow the growth of maximum 6 plants in a go. It also involves the KindLED K3 light that is the best suited for the growth of the plant and also fits in the small locker like the cabinet. The control system has been automated in order to keep it as a secret place.

Super Closet Super Trinity LED Grow Cabinet

It is essentially designed to check the proper growth of the plant. It also permits the user to make duplicates of the plant and the germination can be done in one chamber while the growth can be directed into another chamber. Some of the striking features of this particular cabinet include the presence of three chambers, one meant for cloning, and another for vegetative state and third for the flowering stage. It has the capacity to allow 12 plants to grow simultaneously. It has high durability and efficiency with great built. It is much safer and looks fantastic, contain airtight properties along with light allowance. It is an automatic device which allows the plant to grow at a faster pace.

Super Closet Super Star HPS Soil Grow Cabinet

It is also a great choice for growing the mid rise and smaller plants. It also consists of a dual chamber system, where one chamber is used for cloning purposes and the other is used for the flowering of the plants. It has the capacity to hold 16 plants at one time. Each particular chamber is facilitated with the 24W T-5 fluorescence light.  It makes use of the special watering facility which can provide 16 gallons of water that is rich in essential nutrients required for the maintenance of the plant. The air circulation fan has been internalized for providing proper air to the plant. It is a completely automatic system and the control system is located at the back of the cabinet.

Hello grower 30″ Stealth Grow Box – With LED Light & Hydroponic System

It is very useful for those people who just want to grow only two to three plants in one turn. It comprises of the LED light lamp system that provides the voltage up to 125 Watts. It can work at the low temperatures as well but can produce mild noise. The striking features of this particular cabinet type are the presence of the fan for proper circulation of air to the plants, the lining of Mylar, the provision of the lock, and the construction of this cabinet is done using good quality steel. The smell of the plant growth can be handled well by the presence of carbon filter inside the box. It is very beneficial for those people who are naïve at using these cabinets and growing the plant for the very first time.


Thus, these are the bets 4 cabinets that can be used for stealth growing purposes and each one of them has different features which you may check before buying the best one as per your choice.