How to Turn Your Garden into the Ultimate Gym

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More and more people every year are taking up healthy living which makes commercial gyms very busy and expensive. And if you’re constantly juggling work, family and social obligations, making time to hit a gym can be practically impossible. But, what you can do is build a private workout space right in your garden. Here’s how you can build a garden room and turn it into the ultimate garden gym space.

Prep the space

One of the best things about creating your garden gym is the fact that you probably won’t need any building permits, at least as long as you don’t mess with your primary building’s integrity. When it comes to the size of your space, most people need to dedicate somewhere between 20 and 30 square meters to your gym. Ensure your surface is flat, so it can support your equipment and your shelter construction.

Weatherproof your gym

While you can install some outdoor equipment like a pull-up bar, leg curler or parallel dip bars, you might also want to go further and invest in some machines that provide you with more versatility like a multifunctional workout machine or a treadmill. These more complicated machines require better care or electricity, and you will need to keep them away from the elements. Luckily, you can easily erect a small garden room with a nice outside view and plenty of ventilation. This will help you get your workout even in winter while allowing you to open up the space in the summer and enjoy (semi)outdoor workouts.

Put down good flooring

In order to ensure you have a safe and comfortable workout, you will need special flooring for your gym. If you’re concentrating on machines like treadmills and stationary bikes, you can consider laminate or sturdy hardwood. But, if free weights are more your thing, special rubber gym mats are a way to go.

Don’t forget about storage

Your partner will be more than grateful that you’ve decided to keep your gym clothes and equipment in your garden gym instead of inside the house. So, make sure to introduce a few practical storage units into your gym. You can opt for light and practical open shelving that’s perfect for everything from jump ropes to protein powders. After you consult blogs like WalkJogRun and find your perfect gear, you will want to keep it organized and protected. So, another thing to consider is a locker. These take up very little room yet provide good space for your clothing.

Control the environment

If you want to keep your garden gym practical all year round, you need proper ventilation and air conditioning. Most garden room kits come with good insulation that only requires a small source of heat in order to keep the space warm. What’s more important is cooling and ventilation. For best workout enjoyment, you can consider installing floor-to-ceiling windows or bi-folding doors that provide plenty of ventilation and create an illusion of a big open space.

Add some entertainment

Running on a treadmill for 45 minutes can be a little boring when you’re alone in a small garden room, if a treadmill is getting too boring you can try different equipment, click here for the top indoor bike trainer. Make sure to install some entertainment like TV and good speakers. These will allow you to catch up with your favorite TV show while you break a sweat or enjoy the newest podcasts and biggest music hits. If you have a small unused corner, think about adding a mini-fridge. While this is not exactly entertainment, it certainly makes every workout easier.

It will take you around 20 days to finish your garden gym so you can basically start your new lifestyle exactly with the New Year. Your new workout space and your will to improve your life will definitely provide you with amazing health and fitness results.