15 Minute Exercises for Your Garden

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So far this summer we’re being spoilt by the weather and hopefully that trend will continue for the next couple of months. The only potential downside to all of this glorious sunshine and these hot temperatures, is the fact that it can make training in a stuffy gym almost unbearable. With temperatures hotter than in some Mediterranean countries, the thought of being shut in an closed space, surrounding by sweaty people radiating heat, as you struggle to get through a workout without passing out can seem unbearable. Even if the weather wasn’t particularly hot, we can’t always find the time to travel to and from the gym, so we may need to improvise and train at home. If you’re lacking space, there are actually a series of exercises you can do outside in your garden, with virtually no kit or equipment at all. Here’s a look at few examples of some 15-minute exercises for your garden, checking your BMI can be a good way to keep track of your results/ weight if that is what you are looking to achieve.


First up we’ll begin with one of the most sadistic and cruel exercises currently in existence. Yep, we’re talking about the plank. To some, planks may sound easy, but in reality they are anything but. Planks, are designed to strengthen your core, work on your abs, and generally destroy your mid-section (in a good way). They can be performed anywhere, at any time pretty much, and they’re one of the most effective core exercises you could ever want. So, how can planks be performed? Well, begin by placing your hands flat on the ground, a little wider than shoulder-width apart, like you would before doing a push up. Next, firmly dig your toes into the ground to ensure you don’t move, neutralize your spine and neck, rotate your palms so that they are now facing each other, and keep yourself as still as you can. You should begin to feel a deep stretch in your core after a while. Hold for as long as possible, and repeat for as many rounds as required.

Bicycle kicks

Bicycle kicks are another great exercise for working the abdominal muscles, and they too can be performed anywhere. They get their name because, as you might expect, the exercise mimics the motion of pedalling a bicycle. If you want a strong core and six pack abs, bicycle kicks are certainly a great exercise to help you achieve exactly that. To perform bicycle kicks in the garden, find an open space, lay down flat on your back on the grass, and place your hands behind your head. Next, tuck in the abs, push the small of your back down against the ground firmly to keep you in place and lift your legs. Lift up your knees, one at a time, and bring them up towards your chest, while lifting the shoulders and bringing the alternate elbow up off the ground towards the knee of the alternate leg. So, if your right knee is at your chest, your left elbow should come close to grazing it, and vice versa. The action in real time, looks very similar to pedalling a bicycle, so that’s where the exercise gets its name.

Push ups

Push ups are a fantastic exercise for upper-body strength, defined triceps, and a thick chest. To perform this exercise, get down so that you’re in a plank position with your palms flat on the ground a couple of inches wider than shoulder width. Again, ground your toes firmly into the floor and engage your spine and extend your elbows so that they’re locked out and you’re holding your weight with your hands. Next, slowly bend the elbows and lower your body down until it comes close to grazing the ground. Hold for a second until you feel a stretch in the chest, and bring yourself back up. Repeat for as many reps as required.

If you repeat that circuit above for four times, with one minute of rest between each round, after 15 minutes you should have a really impressive pump and should be noticeably exhausted.