5 Ideas for Enhancing Outdoor Spaces of Hotels and Resorts

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Anyone seeking to take a break from their busy lives turn to hotels and resorts to experience paradise. With that being said, stunning outdoor spaces are a staple in any hotel or resort. It is where guests can experience fresh air and the warmth of the sun while still enjoying hotel amenities. Not only that, an Instagram-worthy outdoor space makes for good publicity and effortless social media marketing. If you’re a hotel and resort owner who wants to transform the property’s outdoor space you’re in luck. In this article, we present ideas for enhancing outdoor spaces of hotels and resorts. From landscaping to concrete resurfacing, read on to find some inspiration!

Stunning Landscapes

Eye-catching landscapes are something every hotel and resort should invest on. After all, no paradise is complete without a beautiful garden. Landscaping defines the overall ambiance of the property and leaves a lasting impression on guests. A selection of colorful flowering plants, grasses, shrubs, and shady trees are great for achieving this. Complementing hardscapes such as gazebos and pergolas are also an excellent addition.

Decorative Concrete

If you want to draw undivided attention to your resort you’ll have to step it up with decorative concrete. Decorative concrete systems are ideal for your next outdoor enhancement project. It complements the natural elements of landscaping perfectly. Concrete resurfacing allows you to apply color, pattern, and texture to basically any outdoor concrete space or fixture. If you want to keep your outdoor spaces up to date with the latest concrete designs this is your go-to option.

Spectacular Water Features – Water features aren’t just visually stimulating, it also makes a luxurious statement. These transform any outdoor space into a calming area of relaxation and leisure that hotels and resorts strive to achieve. Go for subtle water accents against rock fixtures or classic and grand with chiseled statues. Fountains, waterfalls, artificial ponds and rivers are some of the available options out there. Water features that connect to the swimming pool get bonus merits from guests.

Impressive Light Displays – For an experience that guests will find unforgettable, let the beauty of the outdoors extend as the night falls. Leave your guests in awe with impressive light displays that are sure to make rounds in social media. Light displays provide great entertainment and area valuable addition to the hotel and resort’s outdoor space. It is also great for attracting families to stay during peak vacation dates. Be sure to give them a stunning backdrop to create memorable moments.

Inviting Lounging Areas – Visitors and guests come to a hotel to experience two things: relaxation and leisure. No hotel and resort will ever be complete without lounging areas indoors and outdoors. For outdoor lounging spaces, putting up gazebos and pergolas at the swimming pool area is a must. Outdoor dining areas with a beautiful garden view are also inviting to those who want to lounge about with cocktails and delicious food. Pair lounging areas with furniture that complements the area. Hanging chairs, hammocks, wicker chairs and rattan patio sofas are some of the options.

To Sum Up

Improvement projects are an excellent investment when it comes to the hospitality industry. Enhancing the outdoor spaces of a hotel and resorts comes with a myriad of benefits. It makes for good business as well. With gorgeous exteriors a hotel and resort will be able to increase rates in occupancy, promote their brand and inspire guest loyalty. It is also great for increasing property value. Give your guest every reason and excuse to keep coming back with these enhancement options.