Trees In Your Garden: Should You Chop Them Down?

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In most situations, you should avoid chopping down any trees in your garden. They were planted years ago, and it’s never good to chop a tree down without a proper reason. Still, there can be instances where getting rid of a tree is the best thing to do. Or, you could consider partial removal of the tree by cutting away some branches while still leaving the main tree intact?

Either way, here are a few cases where you shouldn’t leave your tree alone:

When it shows signs of decay

Like all living things, trees will eventually die. They can last for generations, but they’re not immune to picking up disease or fungi. Therefore, if you see any signs of disease or decay on your trees, it’s probably best to remove them. If you don’t, the tree can weaken and present some safety concerns as it may fall by itself. Similarly, any diseases might spread to other nearby plants, killing your garden. As sad as it is, tree removal seems to be the best solution in this situation.

When it’s providing too much shade

Initially, this seems like a minor concern that shouldn’t encourage you to get rid of a tree. However, a lack of shade in your garden can be a serious problem for all the other plants and flowers living there – not to forget your lawn as well! If your garden doesn’t get enough sun because a big tree is always blocking it from view, nothing will grow. So, it makes sense to get rid of the tree to let the light back into your garden. Or, you can call a professional tree service to trim some branches and see if that improves things. This may be all you need to expose your garden to enough sunlight for things to flourish.

When it’s providing a safety hazard

It was mentioned in the first scenario, but trees can present safety hazards. They can be a danger to your family, property, and passers-by. Sometimes, trees can get out of hand and grow in crazy directions. Your tree might start growing towards your house, almost leaning up against it. Needless to say, this is a potential hazard as it can damage your home if it keeps growing in this direction. Similarly, it can grow over your garden and have low-hanging branches that are a safety concern for anyone in your garden! Lastly, another common issue is for your tree to grow into neighboring homes or out onto the street. If someone gets hurt because of your tree, you’ll be responsible!

Thus, cutting the tree will be a smart solution. Again, it doesn’t have to be completely removed, but you can chop it down to a more manageable size.

Speaking of chopping down your tree, it’s worth noting that you should never do this yourself. You’re going to get hurt, so rely on professionals to assist you. Unless you see any of the three situations mentioned above, it’s unwise to remove trees from your garden as it’s bad for the environment!