5 Ways to Keep Pests From Invading Your Business

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Pests don’t care about hours of operation. When you head home for the night, they feel free to roam your business without fear of getting stepped on. Keeping an office clear of insects and wildlife requires different tactics than you use at home. If you want to avoid an unsightly infestation, here are five ways to keep pests out of your workplace.

Seal Tightly

It seems obvious, but business and homeowners alike constantly fail to keep doors, windows, and vents adequately sealed. Pests can get through miniscule openings, but that doesn’t mean you should make things easier by leaving a door ajar. If you have windows or other fixtures that are broken, have them repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Clean Inside and Out

Do you always remember to clean up after yourself in the breakroom? That’s a good start. However, it’s just as important to make sure the exterior is neat and tidy. Once pests come out from the Colorado wilderness and find food and refuse outside your business, they’ll want to see what’s waiting for them on the inside. You can avoid this by making sure your dumpster stays closed and your parking lot gets swept. If you aren’t so lucky, give a call to a pest company to help fix the problem.

Do Routine Checks

It’s obvious when you have an ant problem in your office; it’s harder to notice when a family of raccoons moves into a basement where no one ever looks. The spaces you visit least frequently typically have the highest risk of infestation, making it extra important for you to scan those areas and call an exterminator as soon as you spot an unwelcome visitor.

Take Care of Plumbing Issues

Water attracts pests of all sizes and species, so any leaky pipe or faucet in your business could lure in rodents, ants and everything in between. Part of keeping pests away is minimizing the incentive they have to enter your building in the first place, and excess moisture is a big motivator.

Be Careful What You Carry

Pests will keep trying to find ways in after a building has been fortified. Whether it’s in your grocery bags or on your shoes, small intruders are always happy to hitch a ride into your facilities.

Always be proactive when it comes to pest control. Start by taking precautionary measures, then bring in a pest company, such as Terminix, as soon you need an exterminator in Denver, CO. Visit the Terminix website to learn more about their services and get a FREE Estimate.