Bee-Friendly Pest Control, Your Guide to Swarm Removal

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A swarm of bees can land anywhere in its journey to finding a new home. Since bees do not care about human boundaries, that pitstop might be your backyard or chimney.

However, there is no need to worry if you notice a swarm of bees on your property. There are various ways through which you can safely and humanely remove the bees.

Concerns about your safety and that of your family may make you think of exterminating the bees. However, a harsh course of action is entirely unnecessary. You can quickly get rid of the bees without destroying them.

Why You Should Not Exterminate A Swarm

Bees can turn out to be a menace, especially when the colony grows bigger. And while they won’t attack people or animals for the fun of it, they can get defensive when they feel threatened.

Bees don’t just make honey; they are also responsible for the food we eat. 90% of the world’s food comes from crops that honeybees pollinate. This important work that bees do in the ecosystem makes them priceless.

What You Should Know About a Traveling Swarm

If a bee swarm is on your property, it most likely will move on. Swarms tend to make temporary stops as the scout bees wander in search of a suitable home. Sometimes, all you need to do is wait for the swarm to go away.

However, waiting for bees to move on may not be an option if they have occupied a place that cannot be avoided by either people or animals. In this case, you will have to act promptly to prevent problems.

How to Safely Remove a Bee Swarm

The best way to remove a bee swarm without harming it or getting injured is to get experts to do the work for you. It’s not advisable to try to remove the bees yourself, especially if you are not knowledgeable or have some form of allergies.

Here are the options you can pursue:


Contact professional beekeepers around you. Generally, the professionals don’t charge for bee removal services as they are going to benefit from the colony. However, some beekeepers may charge you since removing a hive is a tedious task, and they may not necessarily need a new colony. The beekeeper will have to find a home elsewhere for the colony. Either way, hiring beekeepers is worth it as they will be taking the bees off your hands.

You can find beekeepers online in forums or social media networks. You’ll have an easy time searching for beekeepers that are part of the local beekeepers’ associations.

You can also reach local honey providers and request for recommendations of beekeepers that can help to remove the bee swarm from your property.

Pest Control Companies

If you can’t find a beekeeper, a pest control company can also help you. Obviously, the companies are selling their services as experts in pest control. However, since we are prioritizing bee preservation, inquire whether the company offers bee relocation services rather than eradication.

Do it Yourself

While it is not advisable to remove bees by yourself, since you can damage the hive or get stung, it’s not impossible to do it. You will need to locate the hive and figure out the safest way to remove it.

Before starting to do anything, wear protective gear. As an amateur, it’s probably best to carry out the task using a bee vacuum. A bee vacuum simplifies the process while also ensuring the safety of the hive

Final Thoughts

Bee colonies are necessary for our survival and, therefore, preserving them is critical. If you have a bee infestation, try to get the hive removed without destroying the bees.