5 Ways That Pests Are Dangerous To Your Home and Health

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The most recent surveys have shown that over 10% of all households in the U.S. have a pest problem, and it could be even more if you are not aware of the common signs of an infestation. In many cases, homeowners and renters will try to live with it, especially if they don’t see any clear issues immediately. However, this is the worst thing you can do.

Ignoring pest problems can put you, your family, and your home at risk. There is a range of health and safety issues that can arise if you do not act when faced with pest infestations and other issues, so you must know what you are setting yourself up for.


It’s no secret that pests like rats and mice can bring disease into the home with them, and this is why it’s so important to find a solution and search for professional pest control near me the moment you notice evidence of them.

These pests could pass on disease and bacteria by leaving droppings around the home or even biting you or someone in your family if they get too close or if the pest feels threatened. If you want to maintain a healthy and happy household, you must find out the most effective way to remove pests from your home and reduce the risk of disease thriving.

Structural Issues

If a pest has found its way into your home, it’s a sign that there is a gap in your house. This gap (or these gaps) could be large or small, meaning there is something wrong with the security and structure of your home.

There are a plethora of problems this can cause within the home besides pests finding a way to get inside. It can cause damage to the home, putting you at risk, while it also affects energy efficiency. The longer you leave it, the bigger the gap will become, and this will invite bigger, more bothersome pests into your home.

Wreaking Havoc On Your Garden

It is not just the inside of your home that you need to worry about, though. You will even encounter an issue with tiny and even adorable creatures that can wreak havoc on your garden. Even if you don’t consider yourself passionate about gardening, this can be a problem.

These pests will nibble at leaves and set up nests around the yard. You might even encounter wasp nests that can be dangerous for kids or even adults, especially if they get too close and aggravate them. This means you won’t be able to enjoy your garden the way you want to, and there is also the chance that the pests will get inside if you leave the windows or doors open during the summer.


Allergies could also be an issue, and while this does not seem as big of a deal as other problems, it’s still something to consider. Some pests will bring allergens inside with them, and this can cause flare-ups and reactions that could make you or other members of your family sick.

Common allergens will include dander from dust mites, and this contributes to lower air quality. Besides the health issue, it also forces your air purifier or dehumidifier to work harder, which consumes more energy and can increase your monthly bills. You may not even notice it at first, which means you’re in for a surprise when the charge comes through.

Pet Problems

Pests can also cause problems for your pets. Whether you have dogs, cats, birds, or any other household animal, there is the chance of pests passing on parasites that can fester and cause illness in your furry, feathery, or even scaly friend.

These parasites can feast on your pet’s blood, which may lead to an infection. It could even be that your pet brings in pests, such as ticks after running through long grass, and this might mean you need to carry out some severe extermination process to ensure your home is completely cleared and safe. To avoid this, check your pet all over before letting them back inside. And if they have long fur, go over them with a long-toothed comb.

Be Gone

You may not even notice that your home has a pest problem, and this is often the worst situation to be in. At least with roaches or rats, you can find evidence that they are somewhere. This is why it’s so important to be vigilant, whether you’re moving into a new home or have lived somewhere for years. The faster you act to remove pests, the better you’ll feel.