Pest control for homes in warm climates

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Pests find our homes the best places to inhabit because of the safety they enjoy, with no chances of any harm to them as it could happen had they stayed outside. Therefore, it is common to experience pest infestation at homes that are safe havens for various pests, from cockroaches to bed bugs and rodents to termites and ants and mosquitoes. Besides enjoying a safe place to build their homes that soon turn into breeding grounds, pests can feed on the type of food they prefer, from wood to food waste.  Whether you are moving to Florida from New York or stay put at any one of the places, it is hard to escape pest infestation at homes.  You might wonder where the pests come from, but it is challenging to keep your home free from pests that always find some way to enter your home.

The warm weather of Florida encourages pest activities and before you set up a home, search the web for Florida pest control near me so that you can safely enter your new home by ensuring that it is free from pests.

The weather impacts pest activity and behavior

Ants and mosquitoes are most active in warm weather besides many other pests like cockroaches, centipedes, silverfish, earwigs, and termites. Cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and termites are the most common pests that you will find almost everywhere with a hot and tropical climate.  Pest control experts agree that mosquitoes and ants’ behavior and activity level differ according to the weather and the time of the year. Knowing the reasons why pest behavior and activity changes with weather will help you to choose the most appropriate pest control treatment that can keep your home free from the nuisance of pests.


The infestation of ants increases as the weather becomes warm, and you will hardly see these creepy creatures during the winter months. Whenever you step out from your home during summer and keep a close watch across the open spaces where you might be moving around, you will surely see the line of ants ready to welcome you.  You cannot think of a summer picnic when you did not have a hard time trying to find some space free from ants as the tiny creatures seem to be omnipresent. Ants also invade homes as long as the weather is warm. If you see small mounds of soil at various places in the garden, you can be sure about ants’ presence.

Ants are cold blooded pests that cannot withstand cold weather, and you see them disappear in winter only to appear again when the weather becomes warm. Therefore, to undertake effective pest control treatment to drive away ants, summer is ideal, as you can see the results. Ants move out from the open spaces as winter arrives and seek refuge under the soil that maintains some warmth and wait for the opportune moment to re-appear as the temperature rises during summer and monsoon.  Ants move around searching for food, and the kitchen and pantry are the chosen places for ants to survive.

Not seeing ants during winter might provide some relief, but to be sure that the pests do not disturb you throughout the year, undertake proper pest control treatment at some intervals to prevent the pests from coming back.


Summer is the best time for mosquitoes to thrive. Mosquitoes are one of the most challenging pests to keep under control as any other flying insects. It is almost impossible to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes despite the best precautions like using mosquito nets on doors and windows. But regular pest control treatment can help to reduce the menace of mosquitoes. Unlike ants, mosquitoes that feed on human blood are much more harmful because it can cause malaria and other diseases.  Therefore, driving away mosquitoes from homes is the top agenda for homeowners living in areas with prolonged warm weather.

As the summer wanes and winter is approaching, it is the time for mosquitoes to lay eggs in stagnant water. The water collected in the birdbath or small holes in your yard or accumulated in poorly draining flower pots in your garden are the breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The eggs mature in the water during winter, provided the water remains still and undisturbed. As the summer sets in, the larvae start growing, and swarms of mosquitoes will soon head towards your home. Many homeowners are often unaware of the possible mosquito infestation in summer as they overlook the breeding grounds in the open spaces during winter.

Conducting an annual inspection of the home by a pest control company followed by the appropriate treatment will help to eradicate the problem from the roots so that you can enjoy a peaceful time at home free from mosquitoes during summer.