7 Ways to Naturally Get Rid of All Pests in the Garden

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Growing a garden for your fresh natural ingredients can be hard just because there are a lot of pests out there that can damage it. Most of the people like to grow untraded and organic fruits and vegetables which is why they avoid using chemical repellants to get rid of all bugs and insects that damage the plants. However, there are a lot of different natural ways that you can use to grow a healthy garden free of any pests.


Garlic has its many uses and it is one of the healthiest things on our planet. In the past, the garlic was used as a witch repellant so it makes maybe it has some power against evil things. The best way to protect your garden is to put a clove of garlic into the blender with cup of water and blend it until it is pureed. The next thing you will need is a spray bottle that you would use to spray the plants with the garlic puree.

It this situation the garlic with act as a deterrent and repels insects to go somewhere else. Just because it is a natural product it can be safely applied to all plants.


Eggshells are the perfect natural way to protect plants roots along the way. The pest underground is hard to get rid of which is why you must have some sort of protection.

Next time when you plant your vegetables or fruits, make sure you put eggshells into the bottom of the hole. Just because the eggshells have sharp edges it will deter cutworms and if you use them around the plant above, it will deter slugs and snails.


The best way to go into battle with snails and slugs, you must use ash. They do not like sand, lime, and ashes so you can put ash at the base of the plant and keep them away from climbing up.

Diatomaceous earth

The Diatomaceous earth is formed from fossilized remains of diatoms which are single-cell organisms. It is one of the oldest forms of insecticide as its sharp surface cuts through their cuticle and will not allow slugs, ants, and snails to pass.

It is available at any garden center or local nursery and it can be applied only to endangered areas.


This is not much of a repellant, but it also applies tactic for the defense of the plant. Buying organic manure and fertilizer will make the soil healthier increasing its strength. This way the plant will be healthier giving it a better chance to fight any disease or pest.

Balsamic vinegar

This is a great method to get rid of any unnecessary weeds beneath plants. Unthreaded weeds can become a huge problem for the garden developing all kinds of pests. This is why they need to be removed and balsamic vinegar is the best natural way to do it. Just get any aged balsamic vinegar with low acetic acid (usually 5%) and spray on unwanted plants or weeds. Sprayed plants will wither right away. Another method is to use boiling water on unwanted plants and weeds.


This is also a natural product that can protect your garden from aphids. Usually, banana skins are cut into pieces and put few centimeters undergrown. They are rich in potassium which is also vital nutrient for gardens.

Bananas also will attract birds and butterflies which are predators to all the harmful insects. It is always a good strategy to invite nature predators to all the pests which cannot harm the garden.

These are some of the natural methods that you can use to grow a healthy garden. Fighting with pests can be a difficult process just because parasites can attack your plants faster than a horse in the Breeders Cup classic race, but it is important that you always use natural ways to get rid of them. Make sure you try some of them and see if it will work for you.