7 ways to spruce up your garden on a budget

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Every summer, the kids take two to three months off school. It’s the perfect time to declutter the house and make everything clean and tidy – exactly what you need before a fresh school year. Within all that overhaul and cleaning, you should be thinking about your garden and outdoor spaces. It’s not just about the inside of the house when it comes to thinning down all your things and making it look great, it’s the outside, too. The way the outside of your house looks does matter; not necessarily to impress other people, but so that you can feel that sense of pride in the home that you keep. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden – or even a balcony or patio area – then you should do whatever you can to make it more appealing.

Some people choose to sort out their garden and make it look great in the Autumn and winter months, so that by the time the summer comes around, the garden is bursting with colour and life. Sometimes, people don’t do over their outside space due to lack of funds, but the best news is that you don’t need to be filthy rich to make your garden a nice space to relax. It can look cleaner, prettier and even tidier than it has been before, and you don’t need a lot of money to do that. You don’t even need to be particularly green-fingered; all you need to have is a sense of what makes your garden look good, how to utilise the space well and how you can keep it healthy. If you have a pond already installed, finding the right pump to make the water healthier can freshen it up nice and easily. The best bit? You can rope the kids in to help; a paintbrush, some brightly coloured paints and a few plant pots and you’ve got a new garden feature! The outdoor space attached to your house should be somewhere you want to be. If your garden is overgrown and full of rubbish, you’re hardly likely to spend any time in it, are you?

The best thing that you can do is round up the kids and friends and whoever else that you can get hold of and turn the garden into the place to be this summer.


Decorating on a budget is not always easy, but in a garden it’s the easiest thing in the world. You can buy flower seeds relatively cheaply and the right flowers will add pops of colour all over your garden space. You can repurpose crates and get them painted in bright, inviting colours so that bees and other insects will be attracted to the flowers that you plant. Think about buying raised planters for fruit and vegetables, as these can protect against small animals ruining your plants. Get plant pots painted to brighten the entire garden up.

Feed Your Lawn

Between one and four times a year, you should be fertilising your lawn to keep it healthy. The grass looks better, weeds are discouraged, and you can find that your lawn is harder wearing. Fertiliser doesn’t have to be very expensive, either, particularly when you can buy it from budget stores.

Hunt For Freebies

When you’re looking at your garden, but your budget doesn’t have room for fancy rattan furniture, think about hunting materials at the dump – crates and wooden pieces and such – and making your own. There are plenty of tutorials online and you can treat the wood, paint and waterproof it to make your own seating area. You can hunt for fairy lights very cheaply and you can get tools like strimmers and mowing equipment for very cheap on eBay.


Garden lighting is a thing these days, because come the evenings the sun goes down and when entertaining, you need to be able to see what you’re doing. You can build your own firepit, go for battery operated lights or do something for the environment and invest in some solar lights. The best thing about solar lights is that they can be bought cheaply, and you can get them in the form of little lamps or even fairy lights to decorate the hedges.

Freshen The Fence

No one wants to look at a crumbling fence around the edge of the garden, it’s unsightly and it makes the entire garden look unkempt. If you have to replace the fence panels, you need to shop around and get replacements fairly cheaply. You can sand down the good ones, treat them and paint them to brighten the entire garden up. Scrubbing down the wood and finishing it with a waterproof varnish or paint can make it look beautiful.


It’s an outdoor space, but it’s one that still needs accessories to finish it off. Throw pillows for the grass and the furniture that you’ve built, tables to hold drinks on and even bird baths and small fountains wouldn’t go amiss. You can make the birdbath yourself, with tips from this link here. You can even install large candle holders for those lazy summer nights – just make sure that they’re citronella to keep the flies away from you and your guests.


If you have a patio or a decking set, a pressure wash wouldn’t go amiss for your garden to make it look much nicer. A bit of water has the same effect as a fresh lick of paint on the fencing. Use a good outdoor broom to scrub down as you clean so that you can get all ingrained dirt to come up and away.

Your garden is your little haven to do with what you wish. You can make it a hub of activity with friends or you can make it totally Zen and relaxed. However, you do it, you don’t have to spend thousands to get it done. Open your mind and make your garden your own little piece of paradise. Get started today and you can have it done in no time at all.